Bryana Salaz: Her Complete Biography, Including Age, Movies, Relationship, and Net Worth

Bryana Salaz

The American singer and actress, Bryana Salaz, gained fame in the American entertainment industry since her young age. In her entire career, she is famous for her work in projects like Bizaardvark, Star vs. the Forces of Evil, Malibu Rescue: The Movie, Team Kaylie and many more.

Bryana was born on the 25th of August, 1997, in Orlando, Florida, the United States of America. In the present context, her age is 22 years. In the seventh season of The Voice, she appeared in the team of Gwen Stefani.

As she belongs to a military family, she initially thought it was tough to survive in the entertainment industry. However, Bryana survived in the industry with quick adaptation. She is the daughter of Colonel Edward Salaz. Since she was born, she moved in every two to three years because of her father’s military profession.


Bryana Salaz
Bryana Salaz Image Credit: Twitter

Relationship of Bryana Salaz

In the present context, Bryana Salaz is single. She has not disclosed any data that reveals her relationship status. As the media has a high focus on her personal and private life, there is information that she is still single. No report concludes her relationship life. Hence, she is currently focused on her career and hasn’t got involved in any relationships.

Bryana Salaz and Bobby Mares
Bryana Salaz and Bobby Mares
Source: Youtube

There had been certain rumors that Bryana was in a relationship with Bob Mares. However, in recent days, Bryana Salaz is not found on social sites with Bob Mares, who used to be her best friend. Because they were the closest in their friends’ circle and do not engage these days, people believe that they might have broken up.

Net Worth

As she belonged to a family from a military background, there is no doubt that her financial condition is great. Also, her singing career has collected a massive amount of net worth.

Working as an actress in the entertainment industry, she is able to raise about $6,000 to $8,000 per episode in her movies and series. Summing up all her assets, her net worth results around $500,000. Therefore, she is pretty rich and has a luxurious lifestyle.

Singing Career

At the initials, Bryana Salaz was not interested in singing. She had a keen interest in playing soccer. However, her mother made her enter the military singing competition. As she came to the competition, she realized that she was highly interested in singing. Also, being on the stage gave her a different feeling. Hence, she started giving live performances on the stage.


Watch Bryana Salaz’s performance in The Voice Blind Audition

After performing on certain musicals, she appeared in Season 7 of The Voice. Her magnificent performances in The Voice started as she sang the “Problem” of Ariana Grande in the first episode. In her first performance, she was able to turn three coaches, namely: Adam Levine. Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani. She then chose Gwen Stefani as her coach.

Moreover, in the battle round of The Voice, Bryana Salaz had to face Gianna Salvato, and they sang “Boom Clap” together. During the Knockout round, she sang “Heart Attack” by Demi Lovato and was quickly able to defeat her opponent Sugar Joans. As she entered the Playoff round, she sang “Amnesia” by Five Seconds of Summer.

However, she had to leave the stage during the Playoffs. Although her performance was shooting and was able to praise all the judges, she had to let go of The Voice team. Throughout the season of The Voice, she was able to rock the stage.

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On 11th of June, 2015 she became a member of Sweet Response, which is a girl based band. She replaced Cline Polenghai, who was the third member of The X Factor. They released a single named Money. But, she left the team to pursue her career in acting in September.

Movies and Television Series of Bryana Salaz

After Bryana Salaz left the band, Sweet Response, she joined the show of Disney Chanel named Best Friends Whenever in 2016. She got featured as Princess Daisy in the show. In the same year, she appeared in a Television show called Bizaardvark in the year 2016 as Becky.

Talking about her other filmography career, she has appeared in a Netflix movie called “Milabu Rescue: The Movie” as Logan. She is famous for her Netflix series Team Kaylie in which she has the leading role of Kaylie Konard.

Moreover, she appeared in “Urban Cowboy” as Anita. In “The Lion Guard,” she portrayed the character of Anga, which is the primary role. Then, she appeared as Teen Meteora in “Star Vs. The Forces of Evil”.