Boring Jobs That Pays 6 Figures a Year.

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Until and unless you have a rich family heritage you can inherit, you need a proper paying job to sustain in this ever-growing world.

There are jobs that are so persuasive everyone runs after it to get it.

But honestly, not everyone can become CEO, doctors, and engineers and dream of earning tons of money.

There are other jobs that can be satisfactory yet it pays low. For example an underground musician.

You know you can’t eat off of what it pays you, but you love it anyway.

Be that as it may, there are some really boring jobs around the world as well.

Seriously, who would want to sit outside a door while there’s a party going on inside and guard it?

Or go around houses fixing their broken bathrooms and sinks?

Yet, there are people doing exactly that.

And the reason is plain and simple, there is a lot of money coming in doing these sort of jobs.

Here are 7 boring jobs that pay six figures a year.

Golf Ball Diver.

Golf is one of the most expensive sports in the world. Often times considered a rich man’s game.

Honestly, why wouldn’t a $70 billion industry be?

So it can be clear that anything golf-related is worth a lot of money.

Therefore there is no surprise that a golf ball diver would make six figures in a year.

A golf ball diver makes almost $100,000 a year, which is equivalent to a physicist.

The good part for the divers and sad for the physicists is, however, getting a degree. For being a golf ball diver you need none.

However, if you’re looking to jump into deep water, you’ll need a diving certificate.

It’s time you start those diving practice now.


Living in a house, the worst thing that could happen is that you break your sewage.

And honestly, fixing it up and cleaning it is boring and disgusting at the same time.

Thank god there are plumbers readily available to do the job for you.

Come to think of it, plumbing is a pretty boring and a loser job.

The fact that you have to deal with all the crap all day (no pun intended) already makes us want to flinch.

However, the porn industry has definitely made a different reputation of all the plumbers out there.

A master plumber makes more than $90,000 a year. And to become one, you don’t even need a college degree.


When cargo arrives via ships, it’s a difficult task to unload them, given the size.

It is also the same when you have to load them into the ship.

Therefore, there are people hired just to load and unload cargo ships.

These men are called longshoremen and when you think of it, it is a pretty boring job.

But wait till you hear how much they make a year.

A longshoreman is a difficult job and it requires a lot of physical strength.

You might not need a degree, but knowing people inside the business can be beneficial.

A longshoreman makes around $75,000 to $120,000 a year.

And if you’re good at the job and stick around long enough, you might a chance of becoming a foreman.

A foreman, on the other hand, makes around $250,000 a year.


Being an eye specialist is a pretty daunting task. There are so much work and effort you have to put into it.

There are basically three types of eye specialists; Ophthalmologist, Optometrist, and Optician.

The difference between the three lies in the level of training and what they can diagnose and treat.

Being an ophthalmologist means you have the license to perform surgery, incision, or anything that counts as a medical procedure.

Being an optometrist, however, is a bit boring than an ophthalmologist.

You’re responsible in prescribing lenses, eyeglasses and correct any refractive errors.

Even though it might be boring, there is a lot of responsibilities an optometrist has to carry.

And when you’re paid an average $107,640 a year, any boring job would be worthy.

Art Director.

It is easy to say that being an artist is not very fruitful, earning-wise.

But it can be a matter of luck.

However, there is another art-related job that can make you six figures in a year; A job of an art director.

To be a success in the art department, creativity is a must, no matter what field you’re into.

And creativity is what makes an art director successful.

An art director is responsible for coming up with great ideas. Creating a central vision which everyone can follow.

They’re in control of the visual style of a newspaper, blog, or magazines.

Their average income is $92,500 but it goes a lot higher as you develop your skill.

Insurance Salesperson.

I can tell this for sure that there aren’t many people who haven’t been approached by an insurance salesperson for once in their life.

Insurance salesperson is, frankly, one of the most irritating jobs there is.

And if you’re not a people’s person, this job is certainly not your cup of tea.

Because being an insurance salesperson means you have to deal with people all day long.

In this field, you can be an estimator of someone’s chances of getting insurance and its cost.

After that you refer your client to a broker who sells the policy.

Or, you can get a broker’s license yourself and go around selling an insurance policy to people.

You can be either independent or associated with any bank. And you need to sell insurance policies regarding various things, like, health, life, casualty, property, and automotive.

In average, an insurance salesperson earns $63,970 a year. But with advances and better skill, it can grow pretty high up.

Technical Writer.

Being a technical writer is technically a hard job and also a boring one.

Anything that is too complex to write for a journalist or a regular writer, technical writer fills up the blank.

While you might need technical education, technical training is highly preferable.

A technical writer is responsible for writing instruction manuals, journal articles, how-to guides, and other supporting documents.

They are often called technical communicators. And their earning on average is $70,930 a year, going higher with experience and amount of work.

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