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Bo Burnham: Inside, A Netflix Comedy Masterpiece

Bo Burnham: Inside, A Netflix Comedy Masterpiece

Stand-up comedy has been the pinnacle for jokes and making people laugh. It is one of the most traditional humor ways with little to no props needed except for a crowd with a healthy mind. There have been the best of the bests with jokes that land so perfectly you cry laughing throughout history. Bo Burnham is no exception but with a bit of a twist.

In his work, you feel his emotions; you laugh with him and cry with him. His effort in his stand-ups is revolutionary with self-awareness, meta jokes, catchy and musically amusing satirical songs, and everything just so perfect. If you are unfamiliar with his work, definitely check him out from his masterpiece of a stand-up special, “Make Happy,” released in the year 2016.

At the end of the special, he does this songlike bit to express his problems and the downfall of stardom. He makes a statement that he’s going to quit stand up for some time.

Burnham’s Fresh Approach

This pandemic has affected many livelihoods, including the stand-up market, where comics have to find alternative ways to appeal to their audience. Comics such as Andrew Schulz made this work with back-to-back punchlines after punchlines about the things going on in the world while facing a camera and displaying pictures as props to guide the jokes, and it worked really well.

Bo Burnham has always been an exception in stand-up whose specials always feel like they were fully worth your time and money. So when the news of Bo releasing a special in this post-pandemic times broke, we all knew it would be something extraordinarily different and funny.

 Audience Or Addiction?

Fast forward to 2021, almost after 5 years, Bo teases the release of his new special titled “Inside.” The special is in Bo Burnham’s fashion about making the special and comprises woke and bold satires and statements as jokes and catchy songs. The hour and a half long special are unlike your traditional stand-up with no audience to react to. The entire special was filmed, shot, written, and edited inside his room, where he spent the pandemic making it.

The special has two stories confined within it. One shows the special itself with one of the best lighting and parody songs about the internet and the current times, while the other is about making the special itself where you get to see the effort it takes to put on a simple show for the audience. It makes us realize how much we under-appreciate these self-made entertainers who do so much to make us laugh. The special summarizes his life and how this fame chose him, and no matter what, he cannot abandon it by how hard he tries.

Burnham’s Vision

If you haven’t seen the special, I believe that discussing it further will impair your impression of it. It allows Bo to explore his creativity fully, and you get to see this raw talent put to good use in under an hour and a half. Unlike most of what you see in the entertainment industry, Bo created the special for himself rather than the public, making it a thousand times richer. Netflix has a bunch of his specials. You should definitely have a look at it!

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