Black Friday Vs. Cyber Monday What’s the Difference Anyway

Black Friday Vs. Cyber Monday Deals What’s the Difference Anyway

Obviously, Friday and Monday are different days and there you go, a difference to start! But seriously, why are their name so different, Black Friday and Cyber Monday with different Deals.

May be, its because one has black color and other has cyber clung on its name! Is it? The answer is No, No and No.

With respect to both, they are marketing strategy of big retailers to make those big bucks and make more customer networks.

Black Friday is the day after thanksgiving which falls on the Friday and Cyber Monday has also same kind of reasoning only difference is that it is the upcoming Monday after Thanksgiving.

As you already know, Thanksgiving is already over and Black Friday too but their partner holiday buster, Cyber Monday is still up and well.

Moreover, Black Friday is famous for crazy discount offers and deals offline or online. You can buy anything – Here’s how you can even get a Black Friday deal on a new car.

While Cyber Monday is most famous for its online deals on

Let’s look at some of their individual differences.


Their Origin

Black Friday Vs. Cyber Monday What’s the Difference Anyway

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are both the essence of Thanksgiving and it is the holiday season due to which both were considered too important to begin with.

It is older than the Cyber Monday though, as its origin was on Friday, September 24, 1869 and Cyber Monday was on November 28, 2005.

Black Friday has dark origin as its name suggests which was day when US gold market crashed, and Fisk and Gould’s actions left Wall Street barons bankrupt. In comparison, Cyber Monday’s origin is very simple.

The time when the internet was at its prime and personal computers were common in almost all parts of the world.

Globalization and modernization also positively influenced Cyber Monday to the stage where the people would wait for Cyber Monday to buy tech stuffs.

The term was coined by Ellen Davis of the National Retail Federation and Scott Silverman and made its debut in a press release entitled “‘Cyber Monday’.



As you may know, Black Friday is already famous for crazy mall fights and people are willing to even take huge risk when going for the shopping.

Retailers offer crazy deals in both days for their brand image and long-term transactions.

Holidays are the best time of the years for these retailers because people are willing to buy stuffs just to get in the groove and boast the discount offers and deals.

However, Modern customers and shoppers prefer to buy things online due to those huge lines and crowd.

While the deals may not be good as Black Friday as they are on Cyber Monday, people feel safe and easy to buy their products at the ease of access and with one click of button.

In 2018, Cyber Monday sales hit $7.9 billion in the US, a new record and a solid increase over 2017.

It also edged out Black Friday’s $6.2 billion, which was also a record.

Now, people are more open to online transactions, thanks to huge online retailing companies such as Amazon, eBay and Walmart.


Characteristics and Trends

Black Friday Vs. Cyber Monday What’s the Difference Anyway

Black Friday can be said to be more famous in terms of their marketing strategies and the ads are published as soon as early October.

In comparison, Cyber Monday may not necessarily market their ads or as late as the week before Thanksgiving.

Since, Cyber Monday comes after Black Friday, it is also a way to sell all their remaining stocks before the holiday season is completely over.

Furthermore, the large number of Black Friday retailers offer major discounts on limited number of items on Cyber Monday creating more profitable deals for the customers.

What’s more interesting is that, the sales in Cyber Monday is largely online.

Of course, retailers will offer the in-store sales for the customer but majorly they are no different than the online deals.

This gives leverage for the customers in their pajamas to place their order from home.


Cost Comparison and Shipping Charges

In in-store purchase as in Black Friday, it takes fair amount of research before shopping to get a grasp on current prices of the products.

Even the crowd and huge bulk of lines makes it impossible to focus on single issue at hand.

You will find it very difficult to compare price at the time of shopping. Some customers have even developed Black Friday tactics to charge at every discount offered products not even looking at the product.

After they gather every discount offered product, then they wait at the billing cabin to look at the things they gathered!

Furthermore, Cyber Monday is typically the best time to buy speakers, toys, and beauty products, while Black Friday is better for TVs, tech, and travel.

As you might have guessed, shipping charges may be included in Cyber Monday as it is based mainly on online transaction in comparison to Black Friday.

While, some of them may offer less or no shipping charges on Cyber Monday, you must keep an eye out for those deals and get them before the product is out of stock.


Final Words

Even if it is the holiday season for shopping and best deals and offers.

It is always the marketing and sales policy of retailers to make you experience fear of missing out.

There is no doubt that there will be some spicy deals on November but those you can find similar kind of deals throughout the year.

Before pouncing on those attractive deals and huge amount of discount, first do your homework and buy efficiently.

Be smart and wait for that sweet-sweet bargain.

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