Binging: 11 Best Shows To Watch For The Holidays

Binge watching, shows, best shows

Do you as well scroll through hundreds of shows just to fall asleep without finding anything you like?

In this world filled with confusion, now I’ve made one thing easier for you.

This holiday season choose from any of these to satisfy your hunger for binge watching. Also, if you’ve watched all of these, give them a rerun.


1. Friends

Best show to watch

Before you roll your eyes at this, remember that there’s probably no better choice than this.

Besides, there is no wrong time to watch friends.

The constant jokes make you happy. The show is relatable, fun, humorous and yes once in a while emotional as well.

Since this is the best show to watch while on a vacation, give this a shot.


2. Black mirror

This psychological thriller is the best choice for chilling out.

Especially, when you are flying high (if yk what I mean).

The episodes are stand alone. In addition these crazy science fiction have won 8 Emmy Awards.

So, there’s more reason to give it a try.


3. Stranger Things

stanger things cast

What better time to watch 6 kids on a horror cum fictional mission to kill a monster than the holidays.

*PS. You can keep your lights on the whole night and no one will ask.

This 25 episodes long series is the best show to watch while you stuff yourself with chocolates, cakes and cookies.


4. House of Cards


House of cards is an American Political thriller.

The complicated web of characters and the plot makes this show ever more interesting.

In spite the playing long of the story line this series is a very different one.

You’ll unwillingly root for the villain and sometimes, as in this show, it’s worth it.


5. Breaking Bad

Best show

Who isn’t up for a total of 62 hours of constant drama!

On top of that El Camino, their ending movie will release on 11th October this year which is a plus one.

Get yourself some snack for the run and be ready to enjoy your holidays.

This Golden Globe, and numerous Emmy winning series is just the best show to binge watch for this holidays.


6. Sherlock (Holmes)

Best detective show

A little in the mood for detective drama, are you??

Say no more because Sherlock Holmes might just be the best show to watch to fulfill you hunger.

Not only are there shows but the movies are just soooo satisfying too.

So, this vacation feed your curious mind with the best choice.


7. Narcos


Who isn’t ready to watch the richest Drug lord of all time go down?

Trust me if you’re not up for the crime and drama, you’ll stay for the hot DEA Agent.

The 3 season series is the best show to binge if you love crime drama.


 8. The Big Bang Theory

The big bang theory

If you like sitcoms and weird geeky guys, this certainly is the best option for you.

Moreover, the cast is lovely, and I love how all these characters blend with each of them.

The show makes you feel warm. If you’re not a drama person, this comedic series might be perfect for warming your holidays.

Additionally, there is a spin off prequel to the show – Young Sheldon.

You might wanna give it a go if you feel empty after finishing Big Bang Theory.


9. The Crown

best show

If you’re someone that loves history with a sprinkle of drama, GO FOR IT!

The 20 episodes, award winning series is the best show to watch during the holidays. The series is entertaining to watch and at the same time helps you gain the diplomatic knowledge.

Furthermore, the series is planned for 4 more seasons. So, enjoy your binge watching.


10. Peaky Blinders

This show is perfect for someone who likes the British Accent in drama and history. The show exhibits its story during the aftermath of the World War I.

This 19th century drama is based on a real gang during the 1890’s in Birmingham.

And if you haven’t got the time to catch up with your friends on this show give it a shot.

So, this 5 seasons, British drama could be the best show for you this holidays.


11. Orange is the New Black

Cast of orange is the new black

With 7 seasons and 13 episodes in each one of them, this American Drama series will probably help you finish your holidays.

This comedic series based on a woman’s experience in a minimum security prison.

OITNB has been nominated in many awards including Primetime Emmy Award and Golden Globe.

Hope this list helps you have a fun and not so productive holidays.