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Rapper Kanye West’s walk to US presidency

Kanye presidential campaign
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Billionaire rapper Kanye West has persevered in his presidential aspiration after he announced the 2020 bid via Twitter on July 4.

Controversies and scrutiny have increased of late over the billionaire rapper’s presidential run. News reports linked Kanye’s presidential campaign to Republican political operatives. And, this is viewed as a sabotage effort to hurt Democratic presumptive nominee Joe Biden’s chances at the November 3 election.

Kanye West presidential campaign 2020
Kanye West bursts into tears in his presidential campaign rally 
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The billionaire rapper can materialise his presidential aspirations in the November election in following ways:

  1. File petitions to appear on the election day ballot in each state. Each state has its own set of rules, requirement and specification. Not all states allow such petitions.
  2. In some states, paperwork should be filed with hefty fees.
  3. By means of write-in votes: write-ins allow voters to literally write the name of the candidate on the ballot. The candidate’s name need not be on the ballot for write-ins.

Signatures forged on way to celebrity presidential run

Kanye has already petitioned to appear on the ballot in nine states for his presidential bid. He missed deadlines in many states.

In Kanye’s home state Illinois, controversy regarding signatures collected for ballot petition has brewed. It is not clear if Kanye’s name will be on the ballot as officials declare signatures’ as forged. To secure his name on the ballot in Illinois, he had to submit 2500 written signatures of valid voters. Unfortunately, 1,928 of the 3,218 signatures submitted turned out invalid. West has until August 21 to make his case.

In a similar manner, Kanye’s petition is challenged in New Jersey.

Ed Mullen, a famous lawyer, opposing the West’s petition said, “He is virtually certain to be kicked off the ballot in IL.

Kanye builds plank for presidency bid

After Kayne announced his presidential aspiration on July 4, the announcement went viral. His tweet received over 100,000 retweets and in no time Kayne was trending in the US.

The rapper had an emotional break down at a campaign rally in South Carolina on July 29, confessing he and his wife, Kim Kardashian, almost killed their daughter in the name of abortion and that his father wanted to abort him too. He made his case against abortion. 

Some of Kanye’s agendas for the 2020 presidential race are as follows:

  • Reduce household debt and student loan debt.
  • Restructure the education system.
  • Promote policies that treat Americans irrespective of race, colour and ethnicity.
  • Protecting the environment by promoting clean air, water.
  • Maintain a strong national defence.

Celebrity run a disguise for political sabotage

Critics claim Kanye’s announcement for the presidency is to hurt Joe Biden’s chances of becoming the next POTUS. Kanye didn’t deny it in an exclusive interview with Forbes magazine. He tweeted about it too.

Presidential aspiration reinforced

The idea of running for the presidency first crossed the rapper’s mind long ago. At the time, he was working on lyrics of a rap song and thought of the line “you’re going to run for president“.

Thus, West had declared he would run for the presidency in 20220 after accepting the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award at MTV Video Music Awards in 2015.

In the days ahead, he brought up the subject time and again till now, garnering a lot of attention.

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