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Best Ways to Prevent and Cure Drunken Hangovers


If you’re someone like me, you get hangovers that make you want to never drink again.

However, I have found some ways in which I can minimize it.

Drunken hangovers are some of my worst nightmares.

But, it hasn’t kept me from completely avoiding alcohol. So, these are things I do in order to prevent hangovers:


Preventative Measures to Deal with Hangovers


  • Try not to mix your drinks

Best Ways to Prevent and Cure Drunken Hangovers

I learnt this the very hard way. I don’t know if it is only psychological.

But whenever I consumed more than three alcoholic drink on the same night it made me sick.

Some people say it is because when you are mixing drinks, you lose track of how much you have consumed.

And this might be true to a certain extent. Since, drinking five glasses of beer is easier to track than tracking different drinks.


  • Try and stay away from Cocktails

Like I said above, its difficult to keep track of your drinks when it’s mixed.

Especially when someone else made your drink. Unless you’re some kind of expert, it is pretty difficult to know how much alcohol is in your drink.

Drinking in this way might reduce your tracking capacity and increase chances of drunken hangover.

So, in order to avoid excessive drinking, try to stay away from cocktails.


  • Don’t Chug Chug Chug

I know it’s tempting sometimes. However, it is very difficult to understand how drunk you are when you chugg.

Drinks take time to show effect. So, when you drink constantly with no breaks, your body doesn’t get time to adjust.

This makes you consume alcohol more than you can actually take in.

This can cause blacking out far more easily than when you drink slowly.

And we all know how bad the hangovers are after you black out.


  • Hangover Patches

Personally, I have never had to use them and I don’t know how efficient they are but it seems effective.

All you have to do is buy a hangover patch like Bytox and place it somewhere in your body.

Make sure that it is hairless wherever you place it because it is sticky.

Use them 45 minutes before you start drinking and leave it on overnight.

These patches replenishes your body with vitamins which are depleted after drinking.

So, if you are sure you might get a hangover tonight, use these.


  • Move around and Dance it off as much as possible

Best Ways to Prevent and Cure Drunken Hangovers

Have you realised that dancing while drinking makes you freshened up more easily?

Yes, it is true. When you dance or make any kind of movement it helps you pace your drinking.

Unlike when you drink while sitting in the same place which makes you drink more.

So, moving around is one way you can reduce your hangovers.


  • Drink water as much as your beverage

Drinking alcohol can cause your body to be dehydrated very easily.

So, as you sip on those drinks try to drink water to replenish your body cells.

Also, try to drink a glass of water before you go to sleep after a night of drinking.

This also helps me reduce the impact of alcohol.


  • Eat a meal before you start drinking

Drinking in an empty stomach is a very evil thing to do.

When you eat food before you drink, your body absorbs less alcohol than it would do on an empty stomach.

You surely don’t want your bloodstreams to absorb more alcohol.

Also when you are hungry your body won’t be able to function as efficiently which can get you unnecessarily drunk.


Palliative Measures for the Pain

Although, if you do these, you might not have to suffer.

But if you still do, you can do these to reduce the pain:


  • Pills like blowfish

drunken Hangover pill

Anti-hangover pills like blowfish have aspirin and clinical-grade caffeine in them.

This will reduce your headaches instantly.

If you don’t have time to rest the morning after drinking you can take these tablets.


  • Drink coffee

Best Ways to Prevent and Cure Drunken Hangovers

It has been proven with research that coffee can definitely cure drunken hangovers.

Moreover, if it is paired with aspirin it can strategically reduce your pain.

This combination block the acetate. Thus, reduces hangover pains.


  • Lemon Juice

Drinking lemon juice in some way can reduce the symptoms of your hangovers.

Although, it has not yet been proved that lemon can completely cure hangover, it is helpful to reduce the intensity.

There are tons of ways your can drink lemon juice, you can mix it with black tea, make a lemonade or make a lemon and honey tea.

So, you could easily do any of these to reduce the chances of your hangover or kill the pain.

However, if you seem to have a binge drinking problem, you should take some help and advice.