Best Vacation Spots For Couples On A Budget

best vacation spots for couples on a budget

What are you planning to do in this valentine?  Are you planning for a trip on a tight budget? What are the best vacation spots for couples? If you are on a tight budget and still want to spend some lovely time with your loved one, you don’t need to stress on it.

While money can be a precious thing, you can always skip it and get a memorable time with your partner on this season of love. You can afford to travel a few destinations around the world without breaking the bank. All you need to do it plan for your vacation, skipping your busy schedule. These best vacation spots for couples will make you both budget-friendly and romantic.

Here are some best vacation spots for couples on a budget 2020:


Thailand as best vacation spots for couple
Thailand as best vacation spots for couples
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Thailand offers a great variety of romance. Ranging from wildlife to charming cities, this land of smiles will be the best travel destination for couples who want to stay on a budget. The historical and cultural aspect of this country, combined with modern architecture, makes it one of the best vacation spots for couples.

The beauty of this country extends from the romantic beaches in Phuket to the floating market in Pattaya. As this destination offers affordable and romantic suites for the accommodation, you can add this spot to your bucket list this valentine.

Nepal -Best vacation spots for couples

Best Vacation Spots for couples on Budget- Nepal
The beautiful city of love in Nepal for couples
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Are you dreaming of a luxurious vacation on a small budget with your partner? Here you are. Nepal offers a variety of best vacation spots for couples. From the beauty of the Himalayas to the spiritual awaking of the beautiful historical city in the capital, the world is looking forward to exploring Nepal in 2020.

You can experience romantic time with the view of lakeside in Pokhara and travel around the Himalayas for trekking. Hence, this will be one of the best vacation spots for couples on a budget in 2020 because of its affordable vacation scheme.


Jamaica offering best vacation spots for couples
Romantic Vacation Spots in Jamaica
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Your plan for a romantic vacation will not fail if you are looking for traveling around Jamaica. While traveling around the country, you will fall in love with the beautiful rainforests and the mountains. Also, the reef-lined waters in the Caves will offer some extra-romantic times for couples.

You can feel the vibe of an island and have a good time with your partner. With the live music in The Sands Bar, you will get to explore the scene of the locals and make love in this valentine.

Bali, Indonesia  – The world’s best vacation spots for couples

Bali for a romantic Vacation
Bali for a romantic vacation for couples
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If you are looking for the best vacation spots for couples on a budget, then Indonesia should be on the first place of the list. The untouched beaches and lush forests of Bali might help you to explore the romantic side of nature along with your partner.

Although this fancy place might seem like a bit expensive, you can have a night stay in a casual hotel in less than $5. Skip traveling to the same destinations and plan for a week’s stay in Indonesia with your partner.


Romance in Hwaii
Best Vacation Spots for couples- Hawaii
Image Source: Lonely Planet

Is Hawaii affordable? Yes, it could be one of the best vacation spots for couples on a budget. With the contrast of the beautiful beaches and fabulous suites, you won’t regret traveling to Hawaii with your love.

If your partner is a city lover who likes to travel and explore foods, Hawaii will be the best destination to visit and a good reason to travel. You can explore the beauty of the islands by surfing and snorkeling.  Also, you can have a wide choice of hotels in this place at a reasonable price.

Best Vacation Spots for couples without breaking the bank – Miami Beach

A romantic date in Miami Beach
A romantic date in Miami Beach Image Credit: Pinterest

This romantic gateway of South Florida is one of the best vacation spots for couples. You can catch the pink sunset from the rooftop of your hotel. Do you prefer romantic dining by the bay? If yes, you can have a candlelight dinner with your partner catching the gentle breeze direct from the sea.

The outdoor restaurants in Miami Beach offer a different kind of romance. For optimal savings, you can try a beach house for accommodation.

Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona for a romantic vacation
Barcelona emerging as a vacation spot for couples Image Credit: Two Drifters

How about Europe on a budget? Barcelona can offer you the best architecture around the world with the world’s best museums and incredible sightseeing.

Also, you can switch to the beaches for a romantic time. Despite being in Europe, you will feel this destination as one of the best vacation spots for couples.