Best TV Series to Improve your Level of Humor

Humor is very important, especially when you have to deal with so much stupidity all day.

But that doesn’t mean humor is easy. Probably one of the hardest jobs in the world is to make people laugh.

For some people, humor comes easy. Either they have the ability to take everything as lightly as they can.

Or, they’ve been through enough that nothing seems serious anymore.

And then there are people who don’t know the first thing about humor.

They don’t seem to get it and are easily offended if someone cracks a joke.

Be that as it may, humor is something that can be improved if you expose yourself enough to humorous contents.

Be that comedy movie, TV shows, stand-up comedies, or simply a person with a great sense of humor.

The more you start taking things lightly and learn from the experts, the better your sense of humor will get.

And just to help you out, here is a list of funniest TV series that is sure to improve the level of your humor.

The Office.

Till date, there isn’t a TV sitcom as good as The Office, at least in my opinion.

While the UK version is original and has a lot of Ricky Gervais flavor to it, the US version is what satisfies my soul.

I should warn you, it’s not your regular comedy show with TV appropriate jokes and comfortable humor content.

If that’s the kind of comedy you look for, you might want to skip The Office entirely.

Because this show is filled with a lot of inappropriate and uncomfortable jokes. It ranges from sexuality to race and everything in between.

The sole purpose of the series is to show every kind of inappropriateness that goes on in a typical office.

And Steve Carell as Michael Scott is probably the best character to love but also to hate.

And with Jim and Dwight’s constant rivalry, Jim and Pam’s and Kelly and Ryan’s romance, Kevin’s stupidity, Stanley’s not giving a damn attitude, and everything else adds so much more to the series.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is a sitcom about cops. All the characters in the play NYPD detectives from Brooklyn’s 99th Precinct.

Andy Samberg plays Jake Peralta who is probably the most immature police officer there could be.

The Precinct is headed by Captain Raymond Holt (Andre Braugher) who is gay and also very serious about his job and his dog.

The whole show deals with a bunch of misfit police officers working on cases all the while being very funny, quirky, and weird.

The funniest and most relatable character, however, is Gina Linetti (Chelsea Peretti) who knows all the pop-culture references, hates her job, is very sarcastic but gives really good life advice.

Rick and Morty.

Rick and Morty is not your average cartoon that kids watch. It’s for grown-ups.

And if you’re into sci-fi comedies, Rick and Morty is the best TV series there is.

The grandfather and grandson duo travel around the space into different dimensions. They time travel and solve space problems.

With Rick being the smartest person in the entire universe and Morty being, well, Morty they go around doing things for science no one could ever imagine.

This show is a must watch for Rick’s witty humor and intelligence, Morty’s enthusiasm and Summer’s lack of, Beth’s sarcasm and Jerry’s Jerryness.

BoJack Horseman.

If you’re not into dark comedies, then BoJack Horseman is not for you. Because it deals with things like depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, etc. that might make people uncomfortable.

But as real as the plot sounds it’s a cartoon with a horse in the lead role. Animals talking isn’t a new thing for cartoons. But animals walking around like people and having real-life issues all the while being funny is something you don’t get to see on a regular.

BoJack Horseman (Will Arnett) is a famous TV actor that is slowly losing his fame because he doesn’t get any jobs anymore.

He is an alcoholic who is depressed and sarcastic at the same time.

He lives with a roommate Todd Chavez (Aaron Paul) who don’t have any job and doesn’t pay any rent.

BoJack is in love with Diane Nguyen (Alison Brie) who is a writer and writes a book on BoJack.

The show basically revolves around BoJack and him dealing with all his life issues.


Now, who doesn’t love Friends? A TV show that gave us great characters, an amazing example of friendship, plenty of feels, and a lesson on how to be sarcastic.

Rachel’s witty comebacks, Phoebe’s craziness, Joey’s adorableness, Monica’s strictness, Ross’s confidence, and Chandler’s sarcasm is what makes Friends perfect.

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