Best TV Quotes of all time

TV shows might be fiction but they’re actually a whole package. Whether it’s a drama, comedy, thriller, or even a reality show, it has its own special place in our hearts.

TV shows connect better to the audience because of the time it spends on air. It has multiple characters we love, hate, and totally relate to sometimes.

Also, the build-up of the characters over the numbers of seasons a TV show has is beyond comparison.

Apart from the characters and their build up, what makes TV shows better are the lines and dialogues.

We love a certain character for their wit and for being able to connect to us so well thanks to their lines.

At the end of the day, no matter how good or bad a TV series is, what we remember is the quotes and lines from it.

Here are the 10 best TV quotes of all time.

“That’s what she said.” – Michael Scott.


I, for one, cannot stop obsessing over The Office, US version. And the best thing about this sitcom is Michael Scott (yes, even after he leaves).

Every word that comes out of Michael Scott (Steve Carell) is pure gold, after all, he is the self-claimed world’s best boss.

Whether it’s boom-roasting everyone in the office, getting annoyed by Toby for absolutely no reason, or simply being his best self.

But one thing that describes Michael Scott best is his line “that’s what she said”.

I know this joke existed way before The Office did, but for the TV watchers, Michael gave it a new life.

Now, I’m not going to sit here and explain to you the context of this line because it’s hard.

That’s what she said.

“I’m the one who knocks” – Walter White.


There are no words to explain how amazing and convincing Bryan Cranston is playing Walter White in Breaking Bad. No one even comes close to this character.

The great Heisenberg, as great as his character was, his lines were even better.

Walter says “I’m the one who knocks,” to his wife Skylar in Season 04 Episode 06 trying to explain that they’re not in danger of being killed.

And that he’s not afraid of his enemies. In fact, they should be the one fearing him.

“How you doin’?” – Joey Tribbiani.


Probably the most loved character in TV history is Joey Tribbiani (Matt LeBlanc) from Friends.

Whether it’s his love for food, loyalty for his friends and family, or simply for how adorable he is.

Sure, he isn’t the smartest of the bunch but he was the one getting all the action among the three men in the show.

How’d he do it? Well, “how you doin’?” was enough for the most part.

“The less I know about other people’s affair, the happier I am.” – Ron Swanson.


In my opinion, there should be a Parks and Recreation spin-off starring only Ron and April where they go around humiliating people with their wits.

Ron Swanson (Nick Offerman) is an epitome of minding one’s own business and this lines from Season 03 Episode 02 perfectly describes it.

“The less I know about other people’s affairs the happier I am. I’m not interested in caring about people. I once worked with a guy for three years and never learned his name. Best friend I ever had. We still never talk sometimes.”

“Winter is coming.” – The Starks.


Yes, Game of Thrones just ended and so did the winter, but aren’t we all still hung up on it?

Now that the show has ended, we don’t really care if winter comes or goes. But during the show “Winter is coming” was probably very terrifying.

It was the phrase the Starks mostly used and we first heard from Ned Stark’s (Sean Bean) mouth.

“That’s Hot” – Paris Hilton.


Remember back in the early 2000s Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie had a reality TV show called The Simple Life?

They’d go around to different people’s houses and lived a normal life doing things normal people do.

Yeah, life was indeed simple back then.

Well, the days of the show is long gone but we remember one thing that made the show even better.

And that was Paris saying “that’s hot” to almost everything.

“It’s gonna be legen…wait for it, dary…it’s gonna be legendary.” – Barney Stinson.


Another most loved character in TV history is Barney Stinson from How I Met Your Mother.

Barney (Neil Patrick Harris) was funny, smart, rich, and also he got all the ladies.

Apart from his Bro Codes, Playbook, and accepting challenges no one dared him, he was known for doing things that are legen…wait for it dary, legendary.

“You can’t live your life according to maybes” – Poussey Washington.


In the series Orange is the New Black there was no one that understood love better than Poussey Washington (Samira Wiley).

The way she described love, relationships and happiness was something very special.

So when they killed off the character on Season 5, my heart was broken.

This line is taken from Season 04 Episode 06 where Poussey is explaining about love to Brooke Soso (Kimiko Glenn), the inmate she has developed feelings for.

While Poussey is comfortable with her sexuality, Brooke isn’t. And Poussey explains to her why it’s important to give things a chance.

“Look, maybe…this challenges what you thought you were. And…maybe I’m gonna get my heart broken in a thousand different pieces. But those are maybes. You can’t live your life according to maybes.”

“Bazinga” – Sheldon Cooper.


Intelligent? Check. Witty? Check. Sarcastic? Well, it’s there. What more do you want when you get the whole package with Sheldon Cooper?

Sheldon is the smartest person in The Big Bang Theory, and probably the entire TV show universe.

“Bazinga” is a phrase he uses when he makes a sarcastic joke. It basically translates to “ah-ha, in your face.”

“Get your s**t together” – Morty.


Rick and Morty isn’t your average, everyday cartoon. It has things a lot of people might not get.

And I know Rick can be a little too harsh on Morty many times, but he is still his grandfather that loves him a lot.

Morty can be often taken as a dumb character who knows nothing and is just a prop for Rick to use.

But there are times when he is wiser than his super-smart grandpa. Especially when he tells Summer, his sister to get her s**t together.

“Well then get your s**t together, get it all together and put it in a backpack, all your s**t, so it’s together.”

[Long pause.]

“And if you gotta take it somewhere, take it somewhere, you know. Take it to the s**t store and sell it, or put it in the s**t museum. I don’t care what you do, you just gotta get it together.”


“Get your s**t together.”

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