Best Restaurants in America to Eat Alone

Best Restaurants in America to Eat Alone

Being single is no longer considered boring.

The most advantageous part of being single is that you don’t have to listen to someone you don’t like anymore.

You can make decisions of your own.

And, you can go wherever you want, talk to whoever you want without having to worry about your waiting partner.

While some people are busy making commitments which may later turn into a regretful decision, why don’t you take full advantage of your singleness – rather than waste your valuable time finding someone else to accompany you.

Spend your precious little time with your best friend – your hunger.

Go out and eat; make full use of your freedom of choices which might later be seized post someone’s arrival.

Down below are some of the best restaurants in America to dine, without bothering to find a company.


5Church Charlotte, North Carolina

Best Restaurants in America to Eat Alone

5Church is probably one of the best restaurants in America to eat alone in this list.

At your service any time between 11 pm to 2 am, 5Church offers you private rooms with online reservation facility.

The highly decorated curved tall ceilings, well supported by the glossy lights make for an exceptional brunch, lunch, or dinner.

Dine at the refined atmosphere of 5Church with outstanding service or order takeout; it’s your choice.


Blackbird, Illinois

Best Restaurants in America to Eat Alone

Among Chicago’s most iconic restaurants, Blackbird is a renowned name in the city’s dining scene for over 2 decades.

Midwestern-cuisine oriented menus are well supported by proficient chefs in order to metamorphose your dining at the West Loop mecca into a blissful event.


Giada – the Cromwell, LA

Best Restaurants in America to Eat Alone

Giada De Laurentiis’ Giada – the Cromwell is a junction for Italian-food lovers.

Also, the huge retractable windows contributing to the natural lighting, and cozy furnishings assemble together for a magnificent location.

The mesmerizing view of the Bellagio fountains and Caesars Palace through the windows add a divergent flavor in your plate.

Bimini Twist, Miami

Best Restaurants in America to Eat Alone

South Florida’s Bimini Twist is dealing with Miami’s quest for delicious tastes from 2002.

Best recognized for its seafood, steaks, and chops, this restaurant deserves a place in the list of best restaurants in America.

They serve your dinner from 5 pm to 9:30 pm Sunday till Thursday.

For Good-Fridays and exciting Saturdays, they extend their service to 10:30.

So, mislay your tongue in the taste of the Bimini Twist, and have a wonderful evening!

La Chaumiere, Washington DC

Dining in La Chaumiere could be like dining in France.

The Stucco walls, wood beams, and medial stone fireplace thoroughly backed by the modest aura instantly help you get rid of city life hangover.

The mouthwatering menu that comprises lobster bisque, lamb chops, warm apple tart, and such confuse your pick without a doubt.

Any dish in this French flavored restaurant of Georgetown is a work of art.

Little Bird Bistro, Oregon

Best Restaurants in America to Eat Alone

Certificate of Excellence Award Winner 2015 – 2019, Little Bird is one of those vegetarian friendly French restaurants in Oregon.

Little Bird Bistro offers customers local, French, European, and International cuisines.

This bistro has been able to wow mammoth number of customers.

The welcoming and intimate atmosphere, and hospitality along with the delicious cuisines have won uncountable number of amazement from the visitors already.

Luke, Louisiana

Luke is a European bistro in the “Big Easy” offering the blend taste of French-Louisiana recipe.

The soberly decorated interiors with bewildering line up of foods in the menu, Luke is at your service as early as 7 am until it’s almost midnight.

Terrific shrimp and grits, first class bacon, and tempting yellowfin tuna are among the preeminent foods to order while you are in the Luke.

Lola, Ohio

Greek and Sicilian descent American multi talented chef Michael Symon’s Lola is a food hub for foodies in Cleveland.

The cleverly changing menus on the basis of seasonal demands, except some popular fares including beef hanger steak with pickle sauce being cooked 365 days a year is one of the tricky ideas Lola has adopted in order  to be a foodie’s excellent choice.

The open kitchen adds home vibes to delicious foods served in the plates.


Mama’s Fish House, Hawaii

Fish lovers can’t skip this family owned giant hut with seafood-oriented menus, daily updated with the name of the fisherman and the address where he caught the fish. Extraordinary!

Steps away from the sheltered beach of Kuau Cove, the world famous Mama’s Fish House also serves the stimulating island music along with the unforgettable taste of fresh fish.

The experience of almost 5 decades’ service of Mama’s Fish House can’t be denied.


Rioja, Colorado

Mediterranean food lovers have no excuse to escape from this modest food factory that highlights vivid flavors of the Mediterranean cuisines.

Executive Chef Jenifer Jesinski’s coordination with other members in Rioja, yielding substantial tastes, has helped it attract more and more number of consumers.

The warm environment well supported by the taste of bacon, soup and salads, chef Jen’s handmade pastas, and such shapes Rioja into a picnic spot.

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