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Best Places To Travel In Asia During Winter To Beat The Cold

If you hate the cold there are places, perfect to keep you warm.

These 7 places are the best places in Asia to Travel during winter.


1. Thailand

Best places to travel in thailand

If you’re looking for something in your budget but fun, this could be your best choice.

Thailand has lots of cool destinations if you want to go somewhere sunny and enjoy the beachy weather. For instance:



This is probably the first place you’re going to land in Thailand.

You’ll see that the city is alive with people and the busy streets.

Nonetheless, take yourself for food tasting or drink the most fresh juices.

Similarly, the temples are beautiful and it’s something you should not miss while there.

However, be ready to get the culture shock!

Stay for the weekend markets. You can shop in those markets and carry souvenirs back home. The things are fairly cheaper as well.

So, book yourself a flight and enjoy your winter holidays in heat.



How can I miss Phuket while suggesting Thailand.

Take yourself to the beach and enjoy the sun bath.

There are tons of things you can do while at Phuket like visiting the Tiger parks, Elephant parks, stroll around the old towns or just go shopping.

These are some of the best places to travel in winter.

Likewise, there are other islands and cities that you should in Thailand, don’t miss it.


2. Manila- Philippines

Best places to travel in Philippines

Manila is low key the best place to travel in winter.

Even though it generally doesn’t make the headlines, be ready to surprised by this understated city.

The sculptures from 16th to 17th century will blow your mind.

There are sites listed by UNESCO like San Agustin Church and Museum.

There are forts made by Spanish government that still stays there. You can enjoy in the parks, museums, streets and Palaces.

Afterwards a food tour is a must wherever you go.


3. India

Goa, India

India has some of the best places in Asia to travel during winter.

This vast country has an array of places for you to enjoy in winter. Such as:



It is the smallest state in India packed with fun and goodness.

The beaches are the best attraction in the place. The night clubs and parties are something you shouldn’t miss while there.

However, the history that this place carries is something you might not want to miss.

There are beautiful Portuguese Colonies, Churches and Forts.

Similarly, you might not want to miss these places in India:







So, buy yourself a flight ticket for this winter and relax in the best place to travel in winter.


4. Malaysia

Travel in Malaysia

If you love beaches and rainforests, this is clearly a package for your winter travel.

This small country is filled with people from different culture which makes it even more interesting.

You can visit its cities like Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Malacca, Selangor.

Likewise, there are islands, National parks and Highlands if you wanna enjoy in the nature.

This makes Malaysia, one of the best places to travel.

There are also places listed by UNESCO as world heritage site.

Be open to travelling around and giving yourself a chance to enjoy the culture.


5. Singapore

Travel in Singapore

Singapore is a small city but rich with people of different culture.

There are so many places places to travel and enjoy.

You might surely not want to miss their botanical gardens that are listed in the UNESCO.

Visit the national zoo, shop around in Chinatown, visit the beaches and Islands.

Although, it’s a small city there are dozens of things you can do while you’re there.

So, give yourself a break from the monotony and enjoy your vacay.


6. Indonesia

Bali, Indonesia

As soon as I hear Indonesia I immediately associate it with Bali.

The clear blue water just pulls me there.

This could be the best getaway if you’re travelling as a couple.

This country is blessed with natural richness.

Simultaneously, the rich heritage and culture is something you might not want to miss.

The mixture of the natural landscape with the cultural history makes Indonesia one of the best places in Asia to travel in the winter.


7. Cambodia

Travel in Cambodia

Not so far from Thailand, Cambodia is one of the best places to travel in Asia.

Similar to Thailand, the beaches are of great attraction.

Sightseeing are also awesome. The country is filled with cultural destinations.

The temples and sculptures are mind blowing.

Different from the fast modernizing cities among other locations, Cambodia has still remained traditional.

Therefore, if this seems like your taste, book yourself a vacation to enjoy the originality.

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