Best Places to Be in Your Christmas Holiday 2019

Best Places to Be in Your Christmas Holiday 2019

December is one of the special months in our calendar, not just because it is the last month of the year but also because this month holds a very special day – Christmas.

The December 25 event, Christmas is one of the most anticipated festivals around the world.

Like the gone-past years, Christmas is ready to visit us one more time.

Christmas doesn’t come alone. Christmas comes with an enormous amount of excitement, new promises, and the most pleasing part – it comes with holiday.

People gather the plans for Christmas way before it visits us.

Among the many plans you could think of, traveling could be the most joyful plan for your Christmas holiday.

If you have thought of traveling for your Christmas holiday 2019, we could help you out finalizing the spot.

Make your special Christmas holiday even more special in a completely different venue.

We have finalized 5 of the best destinations from around the world for your Christmas holiday 2019.


1. New York, US

Best Places to Be in Your Christmas Holiday 2019

New York is on anyone’s list for the Christmas holiday, and so it should be on yours as well.

Snowing in New York makes Christmas even more scintillating.

You could see people from around the World.

In that particular time, filling the every slippery street of New York to join many others in thousands to celebrate this significant festival.

The decoration, the huge offer on the shops, the music, and everything else around will tell you all.

You can hardly escape the magnificent setting, confusing yourself which way to look because everything is fabulous and eye-catching.

We are sure you will earn so many memories with amazing stories throughout your stay in the populous city in your Christmas holiday 2019, if you do manage to visit, which we believe you will.


2. Paris, France

Best Places to Be in Your Christmas Holiday 2019

Unlike some other countries, people in France celebrate Christmas on the Christmas-eve rather than on Christmas day.

Paris in Christmas is an extravaganza of lights, nothing short of spectacular.

The bright Eiffel tower sinking in decorations will not let your eyes get away from it.

Make a round of the traditional boutique Paris Christmas market, do some ice skating while the tall mesmerizing Eiffel tower looks at you, visit the famous Notre Dame, Arc de Triomphe with your special one/s.

You are not going to return back with just the one/s you will go there with.

You are bound to take home, along with them, the unforgettable memories Paris will gift you for your Christmas holiday.


3. Sydney, Australia

Best Places to Be in Your Christmas Holiday 2019

Sensational Sydney, more sensational for the Christmas holiday 2019, is ready to welcome visitors from around the world once again.

For the one/s wanting to celebrate Christmas holiday 2019 in rather warm weather, this premier city of Australia could be a wise pick.

While you are in this gorgeous city, Sydney Bridge Climb is a must if you want to give your Christmas holiday a distinctive color.

In order to avoid being disappointed, you ought to book the climb before it is too late.

That’s because there are many others from around the world willing to do the same for their Christmas holiday as well – in big number.

You can’t forget the discovery of Santa’s delightful world inside the David Jones store either.

Furthermore, allocating some time for Martin Place, the Sydney fish market, and the Comedy store would be a good idea.


4. London, England

Wow yourself and your special one/s amid the immense Christmas trees with merry decorations of London this Christmas holiday 2019.

The Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park is just ready to aid your Christmas celebration with the entertainment at the highest level.

The mega annual event offers wide range of entertainment highlighting ice skating, circus shows, Christmas market, and live music.

The Leicester Square is another spot to be at Christmas.

The dramas and events in the square along with the Leicester Square Market, full of handcrafted gifts, will be an utterly remarkable experience.

Winter festival at Southbank center is another not-to-be-missed locus while the Christmas celebration by the River Thames would be quite exquisite as well.

You will be surrounded by more options for the special Christmas holiday 2019 in the marvelous city of London once you step your feet there.


5. San Fernando, Philippines

The Christmas capital of the Philippines, arguably the Christmas capital of Asia, San Fernando is 75 km apart from Manilla.

The competition of giant lanterns between 11 villages draws attention of large number of visitors for Christmas holiday from around the world, and it is supposed to be no different this year.

The festival is going to be bigger than it ever was, and that would be a perfect excuse to fly to San Fernando.

We consider you, without a doubt, to be a part of this interesting festival with your beloved one/s in this Christmas holiday 2019.

Paint your Christmas holiday 2019 with your eternal traveling enthusiasm. Merry Christmas in advance!

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