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The Gurkhas, or Gorkhas with the endonym Gorkhali [ɡorkʰali]), are soldiers native to The Brigade of Prithivi Narayan Shah. Still, we have seen India adding the title to its every wing.

The Origin of Gurkha was from the place called Gorkha, which was ruled by Prithvi Narayan Shah, as his battalion/Shoulders were called the actual Gorkhali.

The British started taking Gurkhas in the army as time passed, so India also did shame. Since then, the Tittle Gurkha has become a Brand / Domain for many entities.

History should not be manipulated; it should be as it is, as the truth should always be actual.

India & British should not add the name Gurkha to any of their entity.

The Title Gurkha should remain the sole property of Nepal & Nepalese.

Agnipath scheme does not favour the Nepal side as always, so we Nepalese shouldn’t let our young shoulders easily fall under a paid plan.

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