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Azealia Banks Boils Dead Cat On Instagram, Faces Backlash

Jan 13 2021 By Priya
Azealia Banks boils her dead cat
Azealia Banks boils her dead cat

Azealia Banks is well-known for making music as well as controversial headlines. If publicly shaming other artists and starting a comment war weren’t enough, she’s started trending on Twitter once again.

On Tuesday, rapper Banks posted a series of videos. You might think what’s wrong with that, right? Well, the videos in question were Banks practicing her witchcraft by digging up her dead cat and boiling the remains.

Azealia Banks Boils Her Dead Cat.

The disturbing video shows the rapper digging the grave of her cat Lucifer. Azelia then pulled out a bag from the grave which had the dead cat.

She then brews a cup of tea and describes it as “the serval serve,” which is a wild cat from Africa.

Azealia Banks boils her dead cat

Azealia also posts a video of burning bones alongside a picture of a cat’s skull and a bottle of champagne.

Twitter Reacts.

After the disturbing videos surfaced, Azealia Banks has faced a lot of backlash on Twitter. And people were quick to make memes out of her actions.

Here are a few reactions.

Other Controversies.

Rapper Banks, 29, has been in the music business since she was 18. And in a career spanning a decade, she’s been a part of numerous controversies.

Azealia Banks had feuds with a number of artists in the music industry including  Zayn Malik, Lana Del Rey, Sia, Rihanna, Beyonce, etc.

She also made headlines in 2016 after claiming she’s practicing witchcraft and supporting Donald Trump.

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