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Avril Lavigne Makes An Iconic TikTok Debut

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Avril told an iconic story of a teen ballerina and sk8r boi 19 years ago. Ballerina thinks the skater is cute but is a snob, and the skater becomes a rock star. The turn-of-the-century singing sensation has come a long way since singing about the girl with the gorgeous face who couldn’t see the guy that sk8er boi — could be when “Sk8er Boi” became a smash tune.

She recently uploaded a Tiktok Video and fans all across the world are talking about it. Even though nearly two decades have passed, but the timeless beauty still looks the same. 

Avril makes a debut on Tiktok :

Lavigne made her TikTok debut in the most retro way possible, lip-syncing “Sk8er Boi” and giving off 2002 vibes. Her incredibly long, straight blonde hair, the striped red-and-blue necktie worn over a graphic tee, the black nail paint, and, of course, the heaps upon oodles of black liner rimming her eyes, it was all there. 

@avrillavigneHe was a… @tonyhawk ##GoSkateboarding ##sk8rboi♬ Sk8er Boi – Avril Lavigne

The only difference is a few (actual) tattoos and more dramatic lashes than what she wore to enhance her pop-punk eye-makeup look previously.

As if seeing Lavigne in her natural state wasn’t enough, the video switches to none other than Tony Hawk, the world’s most famous sk8er boi, who demonstrated he’s still got it at 53 — and wearing Lavigne’s necktie to boot.

Lavigne posted a few photos from the TikTok video on her Instagram feed, and fans went crazy in the comments. “Avril is back in a tie, and the world is finally healing”. Also, another follower stated. “Queen of not aging,” said another.

Avril’s influence on music in the 2000s:

Avril left such an impact in the male-dominated genre that, 18 years after her debut, she’s referred to as a shorthand to define every similar act that comes along. Countless bands, singers, and rappers look up to her (Hayley Williams believes Paramore would not be signed if it weren’t for Avril), and she’s conquered numerous personal challenges. She’s released at least four all-time classics, contributed significantly to the tie industry, and effectively reinvented herself multiple times.

Avril Ramona Lavigne started her career as a country singer. She began singing at country fairs as a child in Greater Napanee, a tiny village in rural Ontario. She debuted on the charts in the early 2000s, at the golden age of teen pop.

Let Go, her debut album released in 2002. With the song “Complicated,” a catchy account of a challenging relationship, she achieved a No. 1 smash. More hits followed, including “Sk8er Boi” and “I’m With You.” In addition to her music, Lavigne was a fashion icon of the era, with followers imitating her colorful hair and skate-punk outfits. Her second album did not perform as well as her first, but it was still successful.

In 2007, Lavigne released The Best Damn Thing, returning her more upbeat and enthusiastic pop sound. With the catchy “Girlfriend,” she scored a Top 10 smash.


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As she recovered from her illness, she released “Head over water” in 2019. The singer-upcoming songwriter’s album, whose title is not known yet, is expected to be a return to her pop-punk beginnings. Avril is planning to release a new album this summer.

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