Saugat G

I am an IT engineer & Guitarist but my passion for writing draws my attention.
Talking about my hobby, I am a travel freak, recently, I have been to Queen of Lake (Rara) for my vacation.

6 Top Master Chefs of The World 2020

Master Chefs are those professional people who win the heart of foodie people. Of course, delicious and satisfying cuisine lightens up the mood of the public. So Who is your favorite chef? If you want to explore the top chef of the world, then you...

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6 Ways to Develop Billionaire Mindset

Who does not want to have a Billionaire mindset? If you want to become successful and enjoy life as a rich person that you must work smart. You are not alone in this world who wants to be Billionaire. Moreover, many people dream day and night...

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Top Upcoming Phones of 2020

The pace of the smartphone has taken over the digital platform. However, there is always room for a better version. As soon as a new phone arrives, every smartphone company anticipates the next. So what kind of smartphones will be available this...

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Kriya Yoga

Kriya yoga is a basic technique that one should apply throughout life. It is a secret technology, the science which consists of the advanced method of meditation. Through the continues practice of kriya yoga, one can honestly know and merge to the...

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