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History Nepal


The Gurkhas, or Gorkhas with the endonym Gorkhali [ɡorkʰali]), are soldiers native to The Brigade of Prithivi Narayan Shah. Still, we have seen India adding the title to its every wing.The Origin of Gurkha was from the place called Gorkha, which was ruled by Prithvi Narayan Shah, as his...

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online business

Most of us have several unique ideas and would love to start our own business. Studies show that the operations of 50% of small companies are carried out from home. There are various reasons why people prefer starting an online business from their...

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Without any iota of exaggeration, there is probably not one human being who cannot be entranced by the sheer power of plain water cascading down a steep drop. The phenomenon cannot be captured by the self-explanatory, simple term – “waterfall”...

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5 foods to consume to lose weight

With people becoming more conscious about their health, weight loss has emerged to be a trending topic among the millennials. From joining a gym to trying out different diets to switching to green tea and veggies for better weight loss, people are...

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In 2020, almost everybody has at least one device with a screen. As per the reports, the people around the globe spend almost 3-5 hours looking at a screen per day, and this figure is only predicted to increase. Matter of fact, more people are...

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