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Australian swimmer completes 35th swim on English Channel

chloe mccardel
Source: Instagram @chloemccardel

Australian swimmer Chloe MCcardel now holds the record for one of the most swims across the English Channel. The English Channel (or simply the Channel) is a portion of the Atlantic Sea between the United Kingdom and France. The 35-year-old woman broke men’s record by reaching 35 Channel swims in history.

chloe mccardel
Chloe MCcardel, The Australian swimmer, now holds the record for most swims across the English Channel, Source: Instagram.

McCardell surpassed the achievement of a British national Kevin Murphy, who completed his 34th swim across the Channel in 2006. She is now only behind a British woman Alison Streeter, who holds the record of 43 channel swims.

Ms MCcradel arrived in France after a record-breaking cross of the English Channel beaming with high spirits. Soon after her achievement, talking with PA news agency, she said:

It’s such a joyous thing to be able to surpass the record and move to second spot on the list of most Channel crossings.

She also hoped that her 35th English Channel cross achievement would raise awareness for people suffering from domestic violence during the coronavirus lockdowns. Addressing the issue, she said:

It’s a very momentous occasion and I’m very proud to be able to represent Australia. I’ve also been thinking a lot about the people in lockdown, particularly women facing domestic violence, and I’m proud to be able to be a voice for those who don’t have one.

McCardell took 10 hours 40 minutes to swim across the 35-km Channel, setting off from a beach in Kent in south-east England on Sunday. Moreover, it was her 4th crossing of the Channel in a fortnight.

No Fear of Quarantine

Last month, the Australian Government granted her a travel exemption to fly to the United Kingdom amid the coronavirus pandemic. But, she was initially concerned that authorities would force her to spend two weeks in isolation.

However, her fears of having to undergo quarantine allayed after the English and French coast guards permitted her to continue with the feat. She wanted to celebrate on her return to the UK after crossing over to France.

I would like to have a little celebration this evening in England. I’m extremely lucky to be surrounded by so much love and support, from my English host to my support boat captains and crew. And I’m excited to celebrate this achievement together with them.

Additionally, MCcradel also mentioned that she had little chance of coming in contact with people in France. Her swim usually ended in a remote area of boulders in Calais.

I usually finish where there are large boulders and it’s inaccessible to people on land because you can’t walk through the boulders. There’s no sand.”

An Australian citizen, Chloe MCcardel, was born on 10 May 1985 in Melbourne. She is a swimming coach and is in a marital bliss with Paul McQueeney.


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