Australian Aboriginal Culture: The Earth’s Oldest Culture

Australian Aboriginal Culture: The Earth's Oldest Culture

Australian Aboriginal Culture comprises several traditional practices and ceremonies based on Dreamtime and methodology. A new genomic study has shown that Australian Aboriginal Culture is the oldest culture on the earth. With the trace roughly 75,000 years old.

The international researchers with nine leaders included gathered genomic data from 83 Aboriginal Australians — additionally, 25 highland Papuans from Papua New Guinea. So if you want to know about history stories, then you have landed right to the spot. Let’s know more about the Australian aboriginal history and its DNA facts as well as the aboriginal art of living.

The Earth’s Oldest Culture

Research published in the journal Nature, a team of international researchers, revealed that their ancestors had diverged 57,000 years ago from Euro-Asians after a single Africa exodus around 75,000 years ago.

Moreover, Professor Eske Willerslev of Copenhagen University, who led the study, said that the first modern humans in Asia and Australia to enter unknown territory were the aborigine Australians. Additionally, he said,

“It was a truly amazing journey that must have demanded exceptional survival skills and bravery,”

Aboriginal Australians were already on the continent 31,000 years ago. Figure 1 presents the DNA samples taken from indigenous peoples.

Aboriginal Australians are the oldest known civilization on Earth
Aboriginal Australians, the oldest known civilization on Earth, CNN, figure 1

Colleen Wall, an Aboriginal Elder and Senior Woman of the Dauwa-Kau’bbaji Community told that “The importance of this study for me is to have some proof of how long we [Aboriginals] have been in Australia,”.

Further, Colleen added:

“To have that credibility is really important to us as we know from our point of view that we’ve been here for thousands of years, but people look at our stories [of being here] as myth,”

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DNA confirms Aboriginal culture

Experts from the University of Western Australia and Murdoch University were members of an international team. The research team had studied hair DNA from the European immigrants to Australia and did not find a genetic trace. That turned the man’s DNA into a perfect candidate for the history of Aboriginal migration.

Besides, the researcher has figured out that the ancestor of Australian Aboriginals had left Africa, 64,000 to 75,000 years ago. Dr. Joe Dortch, a UWA scientist, says the discovery turns the existing theory that Aboriginals came here less than 50,000 years ago on its head.

Australian Indigenous Culture
Australian Indigenous Culture, Insider Guides

Besides, Professor Alan Cooper, director of the Australian Centre for Ancient DNA at the University of Adelaide, says:

“[The discovery] strongly supports the idea that Aborigines were [part of] an early and separate wave of human expansion out of Africa, before the subsequent wave that established Europeans and Asians,”

Nonetheless, while this is a significant step forward, Australia’s unique story of Aboriginal culture remains the oldest culture in the world. Matter of fact, “This new DNA study shows strongly that Aboriginal Australians are one of the world’s oldest living habitat, probably the oldest outside of Africa,” UNSW evolutionary biologist Professor Darren Curnoe agrees.

Australians Culture is one of the world’s oldest cultures with high human populations.

World Oldest Human habitat

In another study, the American Journal of Human Genetics, researchers discovered that these Aboriginal ancestors crossed Asia. Also, they may have interwoven with the Siberian people known as Denisovans.

The analysis of the migration of people to tropical areas of Asia and Australia for more than forty thousand years. Well, it was performed by extracting DNA from a finger bone excavated in Siberia’s freezing temperatures.

Researchers from the US-based Harvard Medical School and the Max-Planck-Institute of Evolutionary Anthropology concluded with their analysis of finger DNA that found them to be Denisovans. Moreover, it is an early Neanderthal human group that emigrated to the tropics of Asia from Siberia.

Origin of Aboriginal Australians

Up to now, only three Aboriginal samples of Australia’s entire genomic genome have been identified. One from the historical tuft of hair from the Western Desert of Australia and two other historic samples whose exact origins were unknown.

Australian Aboriginal Culture: The Earth's Oldest Culture
Aboriginal Australians, Astrosurf

The results illuminate the roots of Aboriginal Australian. Scholars who have been explored in academic circles for decades researched on many occasions in theory.

However, the study data revealed how one founding population has expanded slowly around the Australian continent.

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