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Atkins Diet: The Pros And Cons Of Atkins Diet

Atkins Diet

Have you heard about the Atkins diet? Do you think the Atkins diet is beneficial? If you believe the Atkins diet is helpful, you are wrong. Low Crab diet, like Atkins, can lead you to significant health problems. However, they do not seem like they affect the human body.

Atkins mainly consist of the diet rich in proteins and fats, restricting the consumption of carbohydrate strictly. If you have plans of starting your diet plan following the Atkins diet recipes, you need to think once before you start. Because the diet plan has both the negative impact and the positive, you need to be serious with it.

Pros of the Atkins Diet

As you know, the low carb diet could have numerous benefits. The article below covers some of the pros of the Atkins diet.

1. Weight Loss

While weight loss is the primary agenda of most of the diet plans, this diet plan follows the same too. It has a long and robust history of substantial weight loss. There are records that many people who follow this diet plan lost weight in a balanced way.

You should make sure the diet contains nutrients in the right style to have a successful and long term weight loss. Moreover, according to the study, there are certain conclusions that the low carb diet could rapidly affect the metabolic rates increasing the chance of weight loss.

2. Healthy Eating

The best advantage that you could gain out of this diet is that you can build a healthy eating habit. While you follow the diet plan, you cut off carbohydrates.

This plan helps you to consume satisfying food which is suitable for your body. Also, the current versions of Atkins that comes with portion size help a lot to plan with the protein, fats, and carbohydrate intake.

3. No Calorie Counts

Atkins Diet

You might be sick of the calorie counting habits if you are going through a diet plan. If you look at the pattern of Atkins diet vs. keto diet, you will figure out why you should go through Atkins.

Unlike keto and the other diet plans, the Atkins diet recipe does not contain calorie counting. So, you do not need to take the records of your eating habits and calorie counts each time you consume food.

There are numerous advantages of this diet plan. However, the effects that this diet can cause on your health can surprise you.

Cons of the Atkins Diet

Here are some cons of this diet that you need to keep in mind.

1. Hard to Maintain the Atkins Diet

Although Atkins and low carb diets have become quite fascinating, it is not always easy to maintain it. Maintaining this diet is a real though task that only motivated and fitness concerned people can do.

While you might feel restricted on a particular food that your body craves, you might get into frustration. Also, at times you might feel sick. Additionally, your urge to consume chips and other junks might also increase.

2. Less intake of Fruit and Grain

Atkins Diet

If you love fruit, the Atkins diet is not the one for you. You will have a difficult time if you are a fruit lover. When you follow the low carb diet, you need to skip fruits like apple, berries, and bananas.

Hence, your craving for fruit will rise unusually. Most of the time, not consuming fruit can even lead to a nutrition deficit. Also, if you are closer to weight loss, it might not serve you in the long term.

3. Side Effects

While you decrease the amount of carbohydrate that you consume, your body might be a victim of certain nutrients deficit. You will have headaches and brain fog.

Moreover, you will also be the victim of constipation and dehydration. Certain studies made from the medical experts and researchers of Harvard also showed that the Atkins diet could lead to guilt, hunger, irritability, and low mood too.


Hence, even if you feel like Atkins could be the best diet plan, you are not on the right track. You could see the pattern of the Atkins diet vs. keto diet, which can help you to regulate and maintain your health and body. So, choose your diet plan accordingly.

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