Aspects of Rural Life that City Life can’t Offer

aspects of rural life

Urbanization has been for centuries as a trend and most people born in the rural rush into modern cities to grab the opportunities in urban areas.

Some aspects of living in the city are higher salary, luxurious life, more opportunities, more commodity options, more resources, and so on.

However, these things are gradually being available in village nowadays. People that have never been to villages couldn’t get the real beauty of village lifestyle.

So, have you ever thought it was time for a change from the city life? Let’s check the main aspects that might be beneficial alternative to experience a countryside life.


Fresh air

With the intense rise in industries, vehicles, and buildings, urban life has been filled with pollution. The more rise in people, the more pollution it is causing. People living in city areas are more likely to be caught by air borne diseases.

Whereas, countryside will offer you air pollution free environment where you can live your life to the fullest. You will hardly find big industries, buildings and vehicles in the village. Rather, the village will offer you natural plants and greenery that will provide fresh oxygen.


Life is peaceful and quiet

When you are in the urban areas, you will probably notice the sound of crying baby next door, the sirens of a police car, an ambulance, and many more. The more number of residents, the more there is chances of experiencing the notice everywhere.

In rural areas this is not a problem at all. Village will offer you the time and feeling to appreciate the sounds the world makes instead of disruptive vehicles and people. It will offer a much more peaceful outlook of life. Living rural will give you the privacy, peacefulness and space you have always wished for.


Eat fresh, green and healthy food

In urban areas, maximum food needs to be purchased from the supermarkets or local malls. To get vegetables and fruits, you have to rush to into the market as soon as possible.

However, in village, with excessive land available in the rural areas, the route for many people is farming and with farming comes fresh food. Growing your own food cannot only be a cheaper way of living but can also give you excess to have healthy and fresh food.


Expenses are less

Undoubtedly, living costs in the village are much lower than the city. You get excess to everything you want in the city, yet everything is much expensive compared to the village. With the increasing number of people, their demand, and industries, the price of every commodity becomes higher in the city compared to the villages.

Rural living offers the lowest housing and commodity prices, by far. Rural areas seem to have expensive and luxury houses and shops, but they tend to be few and far between. Everything is much more affordable than urban or suburban costs.


Less Crimes

Generally, crime rates in the city area are much higher than in the rural areas of the world. This is because of the crowd that is present in the city area and the mindset they are building within themselves. Also, the huge pressure of city life makes a lot of people corrupted. Many thefts and murders often take place in the city.

But, with such healthy social lives and family like community in rural areas, crime against one another is highly unlikely. Rural area will offer you a stress free environment, where you can leave your home, go to the shops and return without even locking the door.


No obsession with trends

When you are living in a city, you need to check whether your clothes are fashionable or not, whether people would judge me if you do not follow the trends or not. You easily get driven by the hot topics like stocks, gossips, glamour, fame, and social media. But you will never get these kinds of feeling by your village friends circle.

Countryside will offer you a simple and free life where you don’t have to think what others do or what others follow. People will never judge you on what trend you follow and what you don’t in the village.


Decrease in stress levels

No wonder with the increase in population of certain area, everything becomes complicated. The kind of noise, traffic jams, and air pollution you get in the city on daily basis will make you nostalgic. The competition to always be superior from your colleagues will make your life more stressful in city areas.

None of the above can be applied to the average person who lives in a rural area. And because of the increase in exercise, social life and safety, they naturally have lower stress levels. It is common to leave home and go shopping without any sort of disturbance in the countryside.


Community – Social Life

In the city, it is easy to walk down the street undercover. Everyone stays hostile and buys in their personal life. No one has time to notice the activities happening around therm. Yet, in the rural world, with less people in the area, everybody gets to know everybody. Within weeks it will almost be impossible for you to walk down the street and not be spoken to by at least one person.

You become part of the community very quickly and the bond you establish among the villagers matters the most. You will get more familiar with working, gathering, and talking to the people around when you get into the village.


Less Traffic

Wouldn’t it be great if you could travel along a mildly quiet road with almost no stop to get to your destination? Yes, village offers exactly the same privilege that city does not. With maximum number of people in the city, living there and experiencing the traffic is the worst thing.  You can’t take a 5- mile trip without bumping into a load of traffic in the city.

With the less number of people and less vehicles in the rural areas, you will hardly experience any sort of traffic. The smooth roads, the clean air and less people on the road will make your every journey memorable in rural areas.


Healthy and active lifestyle

With all the farming, there is quite less need of fast food restaurants and unhygienic food in the rural areas compared to the city. As a result, most of the food is healthy and fresh. Eating this healthy and fresh food can lead to a more active lifestyle which you won’t get in the city life.

For instance, in the city areas people are often buys on their smartphones and they lack physical exercise. They eat unhygienic food and go to gym to workout. However, in rural areas the farmers and the villagers eat hygienic food and do lots of physical activities like maintaining the crops and milking the cows that makes them healthy and fit. The village will offer you healthy and active lifestyle which city life will not.