Artists to Watch in 2019

Music is an integral part of people’s life. And I’d be lying if I say it isn’t mine. There is a healing capability in music that probably nothing else has.

But it’s hard being a musician and making music. You never know if you’ll be as famous or maybe more than all the artists out there.

Or, you just fade away like the one-hit-wonders and talented but unnoticed.

Be that as it may, seeing people make music is a satisfying thing in itself. And getting to witness a new artist, as raw as they could be, whose music you discovered by accident, making it big, you actually feel proud for knowing them earlier.

We get used to listening to our favorite artists and become familiar with their musicality.

But discovering new music is like tasting the food you’re not familiar with. You either love it and want more of it or you absolutely hate it.

No matter what you get to hear a fresh new perspective and a different voice.

We have a list of artists to watch in 2019. Some names are already doing big at this point while some are still looking for their voice to be heard.

Here are five artists to watch in 2019.


Breaking out in the music scene is a hard thing to do. And getting to break out in one of Kendrick Lamar’s song is probably the rarest thing.

But Zacari Pacaldo, however, did it.

Zacari was raised in a musical family and by age eight he knew how to play guitar, drums, keyboards, and saxophone.

He started out by posting his music online and hoping that one day he’d make it. And just like he imagined, he did.

He collaborated with big names like Ab-Soul, Isaiah Rashad, and Larry June. But his biggest break came with the Kendrick Lamar collaboration in the song “Love” from Kendrick’s 2017 album DAMN.

He also appeared on the Black Panther Soundtrack album in the song Paramedic with Kendrick alongside another newcomer SOB X RBE.

Zacari released is now signed to Top Dawg Entertainment and released his solo EP “Run Wild Run Free” on March 2019.

His music, so to say, has a fresh take on R&B. A sound that’s so familiar yet so different.

This makes him a definite candidate in our list of must-watch artists of 2019.


Strictly Only Brother X Real Boy Entertainment or SOB X RBE is a California based rap group that garnered popularity after being featured on the Black Panther soundtrack album in the song Paramedic alongside Kendrick Lamar and Zacari.

And since then they have released three full-length albums and two EPs.

The music of this Bay Area crew is unlike anything that’s out today. You can’t fully call them mumble rappers because they have so much more element than just mumbling.

The harsh-urgent bark style vocals of the three rappers Slimmy B, DaBoii, and Lul G matched with the smoothness of Yhung T.P sets them apart from what we’ve been hearing lately.

And the way they approach any song, no matter theirs or someone else’s, they make sure to own it.

Slow Pulp.

It’s hard being a rock act at this age of music. Especially when the scene is dominated with genre agnostic solo acts.

But that didn’t stop Slow Pulp, a Chicago-based rock band.

The dreamy vocals with psychedelic tones push them away from the regular rock. But the punk attitude in their music and a strange unpredictability is what keeps the quartet grounded.

With two albums Ep2 and Big Day, they’ve already established themselves in the music scene.

And in 2019 they’re planning to take their passion for music even further. They’re planning to release a brand new EP and tour extensively.

Summer Walker.

When Drake decides to drop a verse on a track, you should know you’re winning. So, Summer Walker should know that she’s winning in 2019.

The 22-year-old songstress came up with her debut project in 2018 called Last Day of Summer and is signed to LVRN record label.

She has already received some love and appreciation for her singles “CPR” and “Girls Need Love”. So much so that Drake features on the remix of “Girls Need Love”.

So, it’s safe to say that Summer Walker is a promising name in R&B this year.

Girl in Red.

When it comes to sweet-wholesome music, Europeans know how to do it. If you don’t believe it, give Girl in Red a listen and you’ll know what I’m talking about.

The latest teenage queer icon Girl in Red (Marie Ulven) is a 19-year-old artist from Norway who makes music from her bedroom.

The bold honesty and relatable emotions are what makes her song and musicality different from what we get to heat every day.

She isn’t afraid to speak her mind and explore her sexuality through her songs and that is what stands out in her music.

With songs like “We Fell in Love in October” and “I Want To Be Your Girlfriend,” Girl In Red has already been on tour in cities like Paris and Dublin.

And 2019 is looking huge for her as she tours the United Stated supporting Conan Gray.

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