Are Curses Real?

are curses real

There are few things in life we can’t avoid. Birth, death, the fate that’s written for us, and curses.

Curses are of two kinds, one that comes out of us when we’re frustrated or angry. And another one is a little skeptical as it deals with things like poverty, anxiety, addictions, and illness.

As fictional as it sounds, curses are real. It might not have to do with some witch appearing out of nowhere and cursing your whole family. Just like the ones in Bollywood films.

However, there is a generational curse that does exist and is passed down in a family from generations.

“Generational curses” is a term from the Bible referring to misfortunes a certain family faces for generations.

This concept is present in Exodus 20:5. Another version of it says that God will “visit” the sins of the fathers down to the third and fourth generation.

This means that whatever our fathers and grandfathers and the generation before them did, still affects us.

It’s a scientific fact that generational curses can be traced back from one generation to another.


Where Do Curses Come From?

Many curses come from everyday life experiences and from the past lives. Curse becomes when you are frustrated with your work life or family life.

Every time you tell yourself something demeaning, perhaps repeating old curses given to you in your childhood, you curse yourself.

There are dozens of times when you repeat the curse to yourself every day, knowingly or unknowingly.

Curse come when you don’t like someone or the way they behave. It comes when they do something bad that hurts you and then you speak badly about them.

Curse can be generational, passing down invisibly from parents to their children.

Though, as adults, you are protected from those tossed at you during the course of your day.

As long as you belief about yourself, most of the curse bounces off harmlessly.

Not matter what bad things other says, as long as you know you are not wrong, curse won’t harm you at all.

However, it may not be true for the children who are completely open to whatever they are told by their parents and teachers.

Until they have a fairly intact sense of themselves, they are vulnerable.

When you think poorly about yourself, you are more likely reflecting a curse that already exists in your life.

And when you repeat that curse, you effectively reinforce it.


What is a Generational Curse?

There are times when we’ve heard people talk about how unlucky they are. Or how no matter what they do, they never find success.

There are families where multiple people have the same illness or addictions.

And this even continues for generations to come. For example, if someone has diabetes or low/high pressure, they pass it down to their children or grandchildren.

You might think it’s just illness and anyone can get it, but that’s not true.

It isn’t just illness people pass down.

If a family has a history of addictions or mental illness, they pass it down as well.

And as strange as it sounds, even poverty is passed down.

The scientific name for the generational curse is “Epigenetics”. It is a study of changes in organisms caused by modification of gene expression rather than alteration of genetic codes.

So, from our brain to the DNA level changes according to our life experiences and choices.

And it has the ability to pass down to the generation to come.


What is Epigenetics?

Epigenetics is normally information that resides above the genome. Its function is to control the programming of DNA. And it also instructs different cells on how to express themselves.

Epigenetics has changed the way scientists believed DNA works. It was previously believed that DNA is immutable.

But, according to neuropsychologist Dr. Jes Montgomery, “Sensations we put into the brain will use the DNA to change how the cell responds. And those genes are turned ‘off’ or ‘on’ based on what that response is. While the DNA doesn’t change, the expression does.”


What do we Pass Down to Generations?

Researchers at Emony University conducted an experiment on “transgenerational epigenetic inheritance”.

They trained mice to fear a fruity odor by pairing it with a mild electric shock.

A few days later, they mice mate with one another and the females had babies.

To the scientists’ surprise, the pups feared the same odor without receiving any training or encountering the small before.

Even more surprising was when the offspring of those pups were also born with the same memory.

This research is relevant to humans as we can find children allergic to the same thing as their parents or even grandparents.

Some develop a mental illness similar to their parents, and so on.

So, it’s safe to say that curses are real. However, not quite like what we’ve had in our minds.