Antibiotic Resistance: Why is it a Global Threat?

Antibiotic Resistance

There was a time when people used to lose their lives from the simplest infections and minor health issues. Lack of medical treatments, education, and awareness was the most common reason. However, with better research and a lot of hard work, doctors and scientists invented antibiotics. A medical phenomenon that went on to change the way medicinal science worked. 

Thanks to their effectiveness, antibiotics became so popular in the 20th century that their prescriptions skyrocketed. Doctors and health workers started using antibiotics from treating major injuries to healing minor infections. But as they say, every good has its bad, the good days of antibiotics also were numbered due to over-exploitation. The overuse of antibiotics made bacteria and germs somehow more powerful, thus making them harder to kill. That is how the term “antibiotic resistance” came into existence. 

What is Antibiotic Resistance?

The word antibiotic resistance might arise confusion about what it means. It doesn’t mean that our bodies become resistant to the antibiotic. What it means, however, is that the germs like fungi, bacteria, parasites, and viruses develop the ability to resist the drugs intended to kill them. Instead of dying, bacteria continue to grow and become more powerful.

When bacteria become antibiotic-resistant, the medicines people use to treat diseases becomes ineffective. The more drugs you use, the chances are, the bacteria are developing antibiotic resistance. Some germs are naturally resistant to some antibiotics. However, some develop genes or get them from other bacteria over time.

As this continues, the germs become harder to kill and we’ll go back centuries when people used to die from simple infections. Only this time, there won’t be an easy cure. 

A Global Threat.

Antibiotic resistance isn’t a mere simple medical issue that’ll find its cure in a couple of years. It is, in fact, a serious threat that has found its way to spread across the world. The worst thing about it is that doesn’t just affect humans but also animals and birds alike. And as it grows and develops, it makes even the most common health issues serious, pushing us back decades.

People that develop antibiotic resistance have to go through many intense treatments as simple antibiotics won’t work for them. And as the medicine becomes ineffective, they’ll eventually lose their lives untimely. 

In the case of animals, they’re given antibiotics so they become stronger and avoid any sickness. But when we consume these animals, they can develop an even stronger breed of bacteria within our bodies that’ll be even harder to kill.


Well, the perfect solution to solving antibiotic resistance will be developing stronger and more powerful medicines. However, that isn’t a possible solution. Therefore, the best solution is to avoid antibiotics as much as possible. Don’t consume them unless you absolutely have to.

To avoid taking antibiotics, immunize yourself with vaccinations. Certain diseases won’t bother you if you’re properly vaccinated. Thus, no threats of antibiotic resistance. Also, make sure you complete your prescription as directed by your doctor. And do not take them without consulting your doctor.

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