Amazing Life Experiences People Should Have at least Once.

Amazing Life Experiences

Life is something that comes easy to all of us, despite the struggles. And yet, most of us decide to take it for granted.

In this world, there are people who have lived their life to the fullest even in a short span. However, there are some who have never experienced anything at all.

I know not every person is the same. That is why we are called individuals. And the thoughts and choices of all of us are different from one another.

Which is why some likes to explore the world while some like exploring themselves.

But, whatever you do and wherever you live, there are amazing things every one of us should and must experience, at least once in our lifetime.

When we talk about amazing experiences, most of us just think about traveling. But experiencing amazing life experiences and creating beautiful memories is not just limited to travel.

Just like Drake says in his song “The Motto,” you only live once, so the best thing to do is make that life worth living and gather all the amazing experiences life has to offer.

Here are some of the most amazing life experiences people should have at least once.


amazing life experience

Traveling is something that we should all do, at least once in our lifetime. We not only get the experience of visiting new places but traveling has the ability to expand our minds.

In addition to getting familiar with unknown places, our traveling increases our knowledge of different culture, tradition, people, and so much more.

Traveling is an amazing life experience because it fills your life with memories you’ll cherish for the rest of your life. On top of that, you experience so much more and it changes the way you look at everything.

Experience Night Life.

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We’ve seen the hectic life of people, running around like they don’t have much time in hand in the broad daylight. Heck, we are one of them.

But there is a life that’s hidden away from a lot of us, i.e., the nightlife. Filled with lights, music, parties, and endless fun, there are places in the world that comes alive when everyone else is asleep.

It’s a whole different experience to walk under the night light and live while half the world is asleep.

Attend a Live  Concert.

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The joy one gets from listening to live music is so much more than what you normally listen to on your phones or radios.

Attending a live concert is a whole different life experience. It will leave your heart wanting more of the excitement that you’ll feel.

Not only you get to witness your favorite performer performing, but you’ll also get to have an amazing experience along with thousands of others.

See the Northern Lights.

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Northern Lights also known as Aurora Borealis is a natural phenomenon that occurs due to the collisions between gaseous particles in the Earth’s atmosphere with charged particles released from the sun’s atmosphere.

There are different parts of the world like Alaska, Norway, and Iceland where one can witness northern lights.

It’s an experience of a lifetime getting to witness Aurora Borealis which only occurs when the night sky is dark and clear. But when it does, it proves how beautiful nature is.

Do Things that Gives You Adrenaline Rush.

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Life gets too boring and simple when you keep doing the things you always do. We all need a little boost that excites us and gives us an adrenaline rush.

To amp up our lazy and dull life, sometimes, we need to do things we’ve never done before.

By doing things that give you an adrenaline rush, you don’t just gather good life experiences but also fight your fears and be open to any challenges.

Watch Evening Aarati at Pashupatinath.

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Whether you’re a religious person or have no faith in God. Whether you’re a Hindu or belong to some other religion, evening aartis at Pashupatinath is a must if you’re around Kathmandu.

Witnessing pujaris carrying out rituals that is a part of Hindu traditions for thousands of years is truly mesmerizing.

This gives you a sense of fulfillment as well as peace along with good memories and amazing life experience.

Adopt a Pet.

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Human beings get so caught up in their lives at times that they forget their responsibilities apart from work.

Life is so much more than just going to work and earning money. But this is something we fail to realize.

So, in order to keep ourselves grounded and remind ourselves that there are things beyond that tiny cubicle, we should adopt pets.

Pets teach us responsibilities and also fills our tiresome life with so much joy. Adopting a pet is a life experience like no other.

Volunteer for a Cause.

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Nothing feels better than being a part of something good. It’s human nature to be kind and generous towards the ones that need it. That is why one great life experience is volunteering for a good cause.

Even though it feels like humanity is dead, there are still so many things you can do to keep it alive and make this world a better place.

It doesn’t matter how much bigger or smaller deed you do, you’re still doing something good. And that falls into an amazing life experience you should have at least once.

Eat the Priciest Food from the Menu.

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I know health is very important for all of us. But sometimes, it is also necessary to indulge in something that satisfies your soul.

That is why people should feel free, at least once a while, to eat whatever they want without feeling guilty for it.

Matter of fact, order the priciest food there is on the menu, take that knife and fork and dig in. Afterall you’ve worked so hard so you deserve to treat yourself sometimes.

Get Lost in Nature.

amazing life experience

And finally, one thing we should all do at least once or maybe a few more times in our lifetime is get lost in nature.

The earth where we live is home to so many different creatures. And yet, we take it for granted for it came very easy for us.

One cannot describe the beauty of nature by sitting inside the four walls. So, we should all try getting out of our comfortable houses every once in a while and explore its beauty.

It is okay sometimes to get lost, especially when you’re escaping your usual hectic life. There are so many things you can do to connect with nature.

You can lie under the open sky and look at the world beyond ours. Escape the concrete jungle and explore the real one. You can also experience the life underneath the sea.

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