All the Buzz About The Hottest Chip in The World

Do you have a YouTube channel of your own? Are you struggling for creative content to put on your YouTube channel?

Have you been dreaming of ways to go viral online since you started your own channel?

Well, then we have a great news for you! Paqui, the Texas-based tortilla chip company, has reintroduced their #OneChipChallenge for all you masochists out there.

Originally introduced in 2016, the Carolina Reaper Chip grabs the title of the World’s Hottest Chip.

Considered by many as the World’s spiciest tortilla chip, each is seasoned with real Carolina Reaper-Guinness World Record holder for the hottest chili.

Along with it the ingredient is dusted with ghost pepper and chipotle flavoring for an extra kick.

The chip comes with lovely packaging in an adorable tiny coffin box.

Each package contains a singular chip costing around $4.99.

When you give the Hottest Chip in the World a try, make sure you have your antidotes ready.

The heat really starts to kick in after 30 seconds, and it will likely linger for a while.

A warning on the back of the box cautions eaters to wash hands thoroughly after even touching the chips.

Additionally, Paqui, the company producing Hottest Chip in the World warns people having digestive problems and weak heart not to try the challenge.

They also do not take guarantee of people who are willing to take the World’s Hottest Chip Challenge. People do it on their own risk.

The World’s Chip Challenge is going viral everywhere around the world and millions of people have failed to last it even for even a minute.

When you go through YouTube you will find millions of videos regarding the Hottest Chip in the World Challenge.


What is the #OneChipChallenge?

Consumers need to eat the World’s Hottest Chip and then film themselves while eating it.

Also, they need to load the likely humiliating evidence to their social media profiles.

Tagging your posts with the appropriate hashtags will officially enter you into the challenge.


Is it Really the Hottest Chip in the World?


Even when you just watch the videos of having the Hottest Chip in the world, your throat starts burning.

Now imagine how hot it can get when you literally take a bite of the chip.

This chip is hotter than the fired of Mordor, some people say so.

Seriously, Frodo could have just thrown one of these chips at the ring and the story world have ended right there.

The actual Carolina Reaper pepper, the chip’s namesake ingredient, measures up to 2.2 million Scoville heat (SHU), the chosen measures to judge the spiciness level of foods.

The second most-used pepper in the recopied is the Ghost pepper, which touts about 1 million SHU.


Going Viral Everywhere

Literally, everyone has been trying the World’s Hottest Chip Challenge these days.

Everybody including TV starts, celebrities, YouTube personalities, talk-show hosts, and regular people alike have all been testing their mind limits with the chip.

Even the radio shows have been trying the chip lobe on-air.

Like I said earlier, YouTube has been bursting with the challenge.

Even the celebrities are no concerned about how they will react and how people will judge them.

Everyone seems to show their guts inform of their camera with having little fun as well.


Are You Still Considering Buying Hottest Chip in the World?

It’s already written in the caution that if you have weak stomach or are under 18 you should definitely avoid this chip.

However, if the thought of your insides feel like they are on fire and it doesn’t scare you, you can try it.

Also, if you have no problem ugly crying in front of people on the internet, you should definitely try the Hottest Chip in the World or the #OneChipChallange.