Alcohol: What would Life Without Alcohol be Like


Life without alcohol would be a tough situation.

In particular, without wine and beer, people would have been a lot hungrier, slenderer and had to work much harder for calories.

People also would have been more likely to get diseases.

Alcohol is effective when it is used as a medicine. It also helps to prevent food poisoning from consuming tainted meat.

Some people were drinking to claim that their life is more interesting than it was to escape everyday problems.

Maybe it’s just that alcohol is an addictive substance like all of those illicit drugs we demonize.

With hundreds of thousands of people reading, the article had an extraordinary response. The following is a passive alcohol user’s experience.


‘Alcohol Makes You Blurred’

Blurred’ Better for you is the difference between an alcoholic and a healthy drinker.

I honestly think the line between an addict and a daily drinker is blurred as someone who has had a drinking problem.

Millions of these seemingly average drinkers have addicted to alcohol a foul-tasting drug that makes you feel bad and unhappy.

Don’t drink another shot if you feel blurred, dizzy.


‘The decision was pretty easy’

Some people make a conscious decision about whether to drink or not after work.

When I came to the Middle East six years later that living in a country where alcohol was illegal and trying to hold down a pretty challenging job would mean entirely avoiding booze. T

he decision was quite quickly once it was made – it was as simple as changing gears.

Beer makes you happy

Though, I was quite surprised to find that the principal effect was not as physical as it was psychological.

Gradually the anxiety and violent outbursts that had tormented me for years fell apart.

It took a while to remember that for most of my working life, alcohol was the equivalent of the Old Man of the Sea.


‘Alcohol to Unwind’

Alcohol has always made me feel better in fulfilling the satisfaction of carving. I don’t have to relax with alcohol anymore, the craving is gone, I gave up three months.

I am now much less wounded, in fact. Now, everything is more satisfying without alcohol, and I really do mean everything.

Drinking too much is dangerous

By the way, three drinks were the most I drank during a session.

It was predominantly one or two. And I have been drinking four to five times per week.

In many standards, that’s fairly normal. I have been addicted before that I can see that right now.


‘Don’t Make It Habit’

Like the author, my one or two glasses of wine with the dinner progressed to three or four and I consumed half a bottle or a whole bottle of wine for a few days.

I was worried about being addicted to the past for about a year.

So I decided that I needed to lose weight and I would absolutely stop drinking alcohol in order to succeed this time.

Don't make a habit

I just quit drinking one day. In almost three months, apart from one night, I was alcohol-free and didn’t drink at a family dinner.

It felt better and I was more productive and optimistic, happy to discover it was easy.

Most of the days I had one or two beers. I am back at work now and again alcohol-free.

Recommend it very much. Maybe it’s not that straightforward if you have a question of dependency that I didn’t seem to have.

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‘ I’ve been drinking too much ‘

I’m not kidding, that I have never had a drinking problem, I’ve been drinking too much.

I drink liquor-free beer all the time. What sparked me up in my senses was the day I drank four red bottles and still worked.

Waitress secretly served pregnant customer's cocktails

I realized how much I drank and just gave up. So I’m not sure the addictive factor is common, I was certainly addicted to smoking as well.


‘ Every night I drank ‘

Two years ago I gave up drinking. Perhaps, I had developed a slow habit of drinking every evening, at times half a bottle, at times a whole bottle.

My life has changed dramatically for the better, I got right into exercise, and my fitness levels are great for my age.

After about eight months, I realized that I could have the occasional drink at weddings, etc. without any difficulty, it doesn’t make me want to keep going. For everyone, I know that’s not the case.

Moreover, Gay Alcorn wrote this week about giving up a weekend’s alcohol, she wrote:

“I drank to pretend that my life was more interesting than it was, to escape from everyday problems and because I enjoyed it. Or maybe that’s self-justifying crap. Maybe it’s just that alcohol is an addictive substance like all of those illicit drugs we demonize and, over the years, I had become addicted.” 

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