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Airbnb’s New Cooking Experience: Discovering Local Culture via Foods

Airbnb’s New Cooking Experience: Discovering Local Culture via Foods

There are two types of travelers. Type one comprises those who tend to have enough source to borrow the asked facilities.

Second type are those who are rather happy compromising.

Some travelers featuring in type second don’t set the compromising limit. Meanwhile, others have divergent ideas.

They are always in search of superior services at lesser expenses. For such travelers, Airbnb is a helping hand.


What is Airbnb?

Airbnb’s New Cooking Experience: Discovering Local Culture via Foods

Airbnb, an abbreviation of, is an online marketplace.

It connects people who want to rent their places to the people who will want to stay there.

This is a kind of home stay, well managed and much preferred.

Simply, Airbnb is a company that supervises accommodation and food for travelers in a local house rather than in a hotel.

Getting access to the Airbnb world is free. All you have to do is create an Airbnb account.

There, Airbnb hosts will list their space and you can book an accommodation from anywhere in the world.

The number of travelers turning to Airbnb for their accommodation is climbing up.


Airbnb Coupon Experience

Airbnb’s New Cooking Experience: Discovering Local Culture via Foods

Airbnb coupon is a tool to get certain discount on your payment while booking an accommodation.

Users who have been using Airbnb for the first time will get up to 40% discount.

You will have more discounts on booking when you refer Airbnb to your friends.

You will turn more lucky if a friend books an accommodation from Airbnb.


How effective and safe is it?

Airbnb’s New Cooking Experience: Discovering Local Culture via Foods

Airbnb is fairly effective and so far, the complaints are rare.

The legality is based on the regional law. So, it may differ from place to place.

For example, some Airbnb hosts require a license from the local government in order to be eligible to rent their places.

The complaints regarding its safety are rare as well. Majority of travelers have enjoyed their stay rather than worried.

Even if any problems arose, Airbnb staffs seemed to have coped with them very well.


How popular is Airbnb application?

Airbnb app is installed for more than 50 million times already via Android Play Store alone.

The reviews are all in favor of recommendation, while few have complained about its drawbacks.

The app’s features have tried to ease clients’ stay and let them enjoy it to the fullest.

Airbnb is always updating itself – in order to make it enjoyable and more accessible.

Recently, it has introduced new cooking experience for food lovers. This is a teaching where you will get to learn local cuisines – from qualified and professional chefs.

Here, you will get in touch with more than 3000 plus cooking experiences that has local flavors. This fun filled event will lend you skills to cook them in your home next time.

Be it foodies or just some hungry ones, food is a guide to local culture. Airbnb has discovered a new door to explore local culture through.

For the users’ convenience, Airbnb has categorized this teaching into several parts.


Cooking Experience with Four World Class Chefs


This is the first feature on Airbnb cooking experience.

This section involves 4 world class chefs from 4 different countries. Airbnb describes them to be the best chefs to know the traditional recipes for the local foods.

1. Nona Nerina, an Italian grandma, with her sisters will teach you how to make handmade pasta with fresh local ingredients.

This class will ask your precious 4.5 hours, and it is done in a group of up to 12 people. You will have choice in languages as well.

2. Pedro will guide you through Portuguese recipes in an entertaining environment.

A 5 hour long cooking class won’t just be presented as a cooking class.

You will have much more to do, with people from around the world telling you stories of their food culture.

Appetizers, chorizos, sangria, deserts are bound to taste yummy at your home post this sitting.

3. Ever smiling Claudia will assist your quest for Mexican culture reflected on Mexican foods.

Up to 7 people can involve in this 4 hour learning fun. Handmade tortillas, mole, and camote are among the famous Mexican cuisines that will be discussed there.

This is bound to dig your love for Mexican food even deep.

4. Dhruv’s 2.5 hours might not seem enough to copy his skills to your kitchen but you will manage.

He promises to transfer his tastes into your hands.

A small size of as much as 4 people may enjoy his tips on Indian recipes after the background music refreshes your moment.


Cooking Experience in Intimate Settings

Airbnb’s New Cooking Experience: Discovering Local Culture via Foods

You also have the luxury to cook in a different setting.

There are over 1900 home cooking experiences. Your city may have been featured in this joyful experience as well. You can check out.

You can also cook on a peaceful farm. Over 100 farms worldwide have named their presence in this list.

For a fan of nature, Airbnb has more intimate settings. More than 250 natural settings( cave, beach, etc.) are listed on Airbnb to entertain your cooking.


Cooking Experience on City Basis

For the residents of the cities that are known by their foods, you have more advantages.

You may improve your cooking experience with your city’s world-famous recipes.

Lisbon, Florence, and Mexico City are among those featuring cities.


Cooking Experience with the Popular Celebrities

This limited time cooking experience will stand you in front of famous local celebrities.

There are celebrities of 5 different cities on the Airbnb website for now.

As this is temporary, you will see new names of cities and chefs on that column after some interval.

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