The Age of Metrosexual Men

metrosexual men

Fashion, for ages, is associated as something women would do or prefer. Going out of their way in order to look good and be stylish is something that people link to females.

It’s always a woman’s thing to put on makeup, do their nails and hair, smell good, and put on a fancy outfit, no matter the occasion.

But when a man does it, people normally have the wrong conception that these men are not muscular or heterosexual. “Oh, he must be gay” is what we generally hear when a man tries to go out of his way to look good.

But that was in the past, in times when being gay or any gender other than male or female was illegal.

Today, as much freedom women have in terms of fashion and beauty, men have equal rights.

They are allowed to take care of their skin and hair. And have equal freedom to look good and dress fashionably, and be conscious about what to wear and how to present themselves.

There is a term for if you’re a heterosexual man who loves looking good and taking care of your appearance. You don’t have to be gay to love fashion, you’re just metrosexual.

What is Metrosexual?

The word “metrosexual” comes from combining two words together; metropolitan and heterosexual, which is used to describe a man that generally lives in the urban area or post-industrial capitalist culture who is obsessed with self-care.

metrosexual men

The metrosexual man is a man that believes that looking good, loving fashion, and prefer to take care of their skin and themselves is not just limited to women.

The word was coined in 1994 describing and empowering the men who love fashion as much a woman does.

English journalist Mark Simpson first coined the term metrosexual describing a “single man with a high disposable income, living and working in the city” in an article published in The Independent.

Since then, the term metrosexual is thrown around describing any fashion-conscious man and men’s fashion. However, it’s also safe to call a gay or bisexual man metrosexual if they possess the same tendencies.

What makes a man Metrosexual?

There is absolutely no reason for men to not love fashion. After all, it is fashion we’re talking about.

And it never ever hurts to take care of yourself whether for a man or a woman.

There are a number of ways you can identify a metrosexual man. It might the way they dress almost every day. Or how they smell so good and have the perfect hair and nails on a daily basis.

Here are a few ways you can identify a metrosexual man.

Loves Shopping.

Shopping is usually something women love doing. The feeling of trying out new clothes and makeup is something we cherish very much.

Men are usually the “whatever fits me I’ll take it” kind. But there are men who love going to the mall, trying out new outfits and bringing home bags of clothes.

If you happen to know any of them, you should know they’re usually metrosexual.

Goes for Manicures/Pedicures.

It is unusual for men to take care of their nails, but that doesn’t make them wrong for wanting to do so.

We’ve seen women going to the nail salon and getting manicures and pedicures and taking care of their nails and toes.

But there are some straight men in this world who loves taking care of their nails and toes. After all, looking good isn’t just about wearing good clothes, right?

The men who love going to nail salons and get their nails done not because their girlfriends forced them to but for their own preferences are also metrosexual.

Shaves Body Hair.

metrosexual men

Body hair, for centuries, is associated with manliness. Apparently, the more chest hair you have, the more of a man you become.

But over the years, this conception has changed drastically. There are men who prefer shaving off their body hair and walk around looking like a Ken doll.

A man that likes their body hair stripped off and has a silky-smooth skin also fall under metrosexuality.

Owns a lot of Skin and Hair Care Products.

A metrosexual man is very much concerned about his hair and his skin along with his outfits.

It’s important for him to have a beautiful, soft and glowing skin just like women. And his hair should be perfect at all times.

One way to know if a man is metrosexual is by checking their dressing table. If you find 3 different types of moisturizer, serums, sleep masks, and a ton of hair product, trust me, he’s a metrosexual.

 Owns more shoes than their partner.

It’s very important for a metrosexual man to look good almost all the time. And to look good it’s necessary to dress accordingly.

So don’t be surprised to find five or more pairs of shoes in your man’s closet. That doesn’t make him a shoe freak. It makes him a metrosexual man who knows how to kick it.

Is Metrosexuality already dead?

We’ve seen celebrities like George Clooney, Ryan Gosling or David Beckham always looking sharp and very stylish.

It is safe to say that these men are metrosexual due to their fashion sense. And the fact that they look like they’re always walking the red carpet even if they’re only going to get some groceries.

Following their footsteps, straight men around the world were somewhat obsessed with looking their best at all times.

metrosexual men

However, today the fashion for men looks like it’s changing majorly. Gone are the days when men had to have the perfectly brushed hair, set with hair gels or wax.

Today’s men prefer keeping messy hair and have no problem keeping it long. Many have stopped caring if they’re shirts are properly ironed and tucked in. And also they have no problem with the body hair and long, thick beard.

So, the question arises, is metrosexuality a dead concept? Or is it still alive and still ruling the fashion industry for men?

Because if you look around, there are more men with long bushy beard, messy hair, and ripped jeans, than the perfectly dressed ones.

Be that as it may, it doesn’t really matter whether a man is conscious about fashion and looking good or not. A man putting an effort to look good will never make him a homosexual.

In fact, it makes him metrosexual and there is nothing wrong with metrosexuality.

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