AFL Star Dayne Beams Rushed To Hospital With Minor Injuries After a Car Crash: His Mental Illness & Current Condition

The Australian Football League (AFL) star, Dayne Beams rushed to hospital after a car crash in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs. The famous star suffered from minor injuries after celebrating his 30th birthday. Beams, who has been suffering from mental illness, has now entered the age of 30.

The Collingwood midfielder, Dayne had a motor vehicle accident on Thursday [02-13-2020] which left him with minor injuries. The root cause of the crash is still being investigated. Some sources claim that Dayne was unconscious for nearly 10 minutes after his car crashed into a pole at Donvale.

Let’s find in detail what the report suggests? How is Dayne’s health condition now? Also, know his mental illness and personal issues.

AFL star Dayne Beams Rushed To Hospital After a Car Crash

After a day of his birthday, Dayne Beams crashed with a pole on Thursday in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs. The motor vehicle accident ended up leaving him injured which also damaged his car’s bonnet. After the car hit the pole, its airbags had been also deployed.

After the car crash of Dayne Beams, his car and situation
After the car crash of Dayne Beams, his car and situation
Image Source: Supplied

Shortly after the crash, Victoria Police first confirmed the news of a man in his 30s who has gone through a car crash. Some sources came to claim that Beams was “unconscious for nearly 10 minutes” after his car hit the pole on Park Road at Donvale.

Dayne Beams' car crash was taken place on Park Road at Donvale on Thursday
Dayne Beams’ car crash was taken place on Park Road at Donvale on Thursday
Image Source: News Corp Australia

The investigation team is still trying to find the root cause of the crash. The car crash was not that powerful, which left Beams with minor injuries. A statement mentioned:

Collingwood can confirm that Dayne Beams was involved in a motor vehicle accident yesterday afternoon. Dayne was admitted to the hospital with minor injuries from the incident. He remained in hospital overnight.

His accident was taken place at about 4:45 p.m. As soon as people around him noticed the accident, he was immediately rushed to the near hospital in Donvale.

Beams’ Health Condition After The Crash

As we mentioned earlier, Dayne Beams had minor injuries from the crash. A statement confirmed on Friday morning that the AFL star had suffered minor injuries. The football star who remains on leave from the Magpies, Beams has already been suffering from some mental health issues before his accident.

The car crash on Thursday left Beams with minor injuries
The car crash on Thursday left Beams with minor injuries
Image Source: Getty Images

As soon as his health grows better, he will surely share his issues in detail to his fans.

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Dayne’s Mental Health Issues

In 2019, Dayne played in nine games for Collingwood, however, not appeared in the remaining games of the season due to his mental health issues and injuries. At the end of the year, he disclosed to come back soon saying:

Trying to improve my quality of life and meet the demands of playing and training for football at the elite level continues to be a struggle. My health and football have come to feel like competing priorities, which is not a position that is helping or enabling me to meet my responsibilities.

He added:

I have been trying to meet this challenge for a number of years but, with a series of debilitating recent injuries and my mental health a work in progress, I have reached a point where I know that stepping away from football is necessary.

(moreover) I want to thank all who have supported me and my family. I look forward to a brighter future.

Dayne will soon make his return to AFL.