5 Affiliate Niches with 7 figures per month Potential

make money online using affiliate marketing niches up to seven figures per month

Affiliate marketing is a booming online industry that continues to grow exponentially. However, thanks to the profitability, there is now an overwhelming number of websites trying to squeeze money using affiliate marketing. It has become a rat race and not everyone wins. If you want your affiliate website to be highly profitable, you need to offer something unique and of value. This is where an affiliate niche comes in. Some profitable Affiliate marketing niche offers seven figure per month income (monthly potential).

Basically, an affiliate niche is nothing but a product or service that you are able to offer which is relevant as per the business domain or industry that you operate within. However, if you are still looking to invest in building a business and are wondering what kind of affiliate marketing business will get you the most profits, you are in the right place.

Here are 5 Affiliate niche with 7 figures monthly potential

Fitness Affiliate Marketing

Being fit is never going to go out of style. People have always pursued that chiselled body and the standards just keep getting higher with every passing year. The number of business built around fitness is staggering, you have gyms, fitness apps, online fitness instructors, fitness supplements, fitness equipment and so much more.

Weight loss, bodybuilding, callisthenics, gymnastics, capoeira and so much more fall under the fitness umbrella of profitable affiliate niches. This translates to a potentially profitable fitness affiliate marketing website should you be interested, given seven figure per month potential.

A lot of fitness companies and supplement companies let you sign up as affiliates and earn on average 15-30% commission on every supplement product or fitness equipment/apparel sold. So, if you have a website which is fitness related and have health traffic, all you need to do is send some of the traffic on their way to purchase these products and you stand to make money for every transaction that goes through your website.

Online Casino Affiliate

The online gambling market is currently valued to be worth over a staggering $55 billion. And it is expected to grow at a CAGR of 16.5% from 2020 through to 2026. There are thousands of online casinos, sportsbooks and other online gambling services offering their services to players across the world.

Online casinos have no option but to set aside a huge chunk of their investments for marketing. This is because there are so many online casino options, and everyone is looking to get ahead. Online casinos depend on marketing channels such as search engine optimization and affiliate websites to get the exposure and traffic they desire.

This is where you as a profitable casino affiliate niche can tap into the wealth. However, it is not going to be a walk in the park. Your site is competing in a very tough market, so you need to offer a stellar experience.

Affiliate marketing websites depend on three fundamental ways of getting paid. They get the casinos the traffic and are paid either using a revenue-sharing model where a certain percentage of the revenue of the casino is paid to the affiliate or through a CPA model which stands for cost per action or cost per acquisition and sometimes a hybrid program between these two models.

Either way, there is no question that this is a niche affiliate marketing service that could potentially fetch you 7 figures if planned and implemented well.

Personality Development Affiliate (niche)

We are all looking to constantly be better and do better. In a world where people have their basic necessities taken care of, they are inevitably going to pursue self-development. This could range from meditation to being a better communicator or to very specific online courses and training for highly specialized domains.

In the self-development affiliate marketing industry, the commission percentages aren’t that great. We are talking around 5% on average. However, don’t let that get you down. There is a specific advantage here. When you direct visitors to another website to buy products, people know you are making a cut off of it. It seems very commercial and not genuine. However, when you refer your website visitors to courses and certifications, it comes off as thoughtful and caring. Moreover, useful courses and certification will help them improve and get better as individuals. This is actually in line with the numbers. Affiliate marketing in the self-development niche is actually blessed with better conversion rates.

Affiliate Marketing for Loans (niche)

Money makes money. People borrow money to invest, to pay for education, to pay for the property, to start businesses and much more. Further, in today’s world, it has become a streamlined and easier process to apply for and receive a loan. In fact, it isn’t just the regular old financial institutions offering loans anymore. There are private firms and even apps through which you can borrow money.

As an affiliate marketing website, your job is simply to showcase these options to your visitors. People in need of money will follow through, and you make your money.

Affiliate for Pet Products

Let’s be real, in the first-world, we love pampering our furry friends and showing them off on Instagram. People love animals, and the internet is proof of that. The sheer number of viral cat and dog videos bears testimony.

If you are into animals yourself and want to promote cute pet merchandise, pet food and much more. You should know that there is good money (seven figures) to be made.

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