Ability to Bullshit is the Sign of Intelligence, Study Says

ability to bullshit

According to the research, the ability to bullshit through life is a sign of intelligence. Sign of intelligence has so many different aspects. It includes linking dark humor, high self-control, new ideas, sleeping late, best rhythm, and many more.
Moreover, it includes quick learning, the ability to process information fast and interest in unique topics, and so on.
Martin Trupin says people are quite smart if they are good at bullshit.

About Martin Trupin.


Trupin was a graduate student at Reasoning and Decision Making at the University of Waterloo. He also co-led the recently published study in the scientific journal Evolutionary Psychology.
According to Trupin and his colleagues’ research, people are better at producing believable concepts without relying on any facts. Such people score better on intelligence tests than those who struggle with bullshit.
However, Trupin says this case doesn’t determine bad bullshiters are less intelligent.

There is a connection between a sense of humor and intelligence. Smart people are not funny, this could be said of bullshitting.

About University of Waterloo:

The University of Waterloo was found on July 1, 1957. It is one of the top universities of Canada’s innovation universities. The University of Waterloo ranks almost in 150 universities in the world.
Additionally, it is home to 100+ programs in business, math, environment, the arts, science, health, engineering, and so on.

Bullshitter Research:

The people are likely to be quite smart if they are good bullshitters. They are neither true on one side nor false on the other side. Moreover, they don’t care about the things they describe that explain reality correctly.

Martin Turpin said some people are likely quite smart if they are good bullshitters. To conduct the study, 1,017 participants were involved in the research across two separate studies.
The subjects examined their overall cognitive activity. Additionally, research the subject of the willingness of participants to BS.

Process of Bullshitter Research:

Waterloo University/YouTube

In the research of ability to BS, 10 concepts with names ‘Sexual Selection Theory’ and ‘General Relativity’ were asked to each person. Some concepts were real however, some weren’t.
The participants use a five-point scale ranging from to rate the knowledge.  The scale measures ranging from “never heard it before” to “know it well”.


According to the study, the response of fake concepts was sum up to create the willingness of participants. A higher score indicates a higher. Besides this indicating a greater tendency to bull–er with higher scores.
Additionally, participants were to produce the most convincing explanation for the concept that was not based on fact. Based on how convincing and satisfying the answers were on two-point-five scales. A bull–raters score each participation explanation.

Furthermore, the researchers measured the cognitive ability of each subject. It was measure by using various tests including vocabulary tests as well.

What Data Showed?

The data of the author’s study shows a higher score on measures of cognitive ability. Moreover, it shows that people skilled in producing satisfactory and seemingly accurate bulls score higher on cognitive ability measures. Also, others perceive it as the most intelligent one.

However, the research is not enough. The current study only provides preliminary information with one reasonable causal model. Future work should explore the relationship between intelligence and bullshitter ability.

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