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9 Easy Ways To Cut Down Your Screen Time

9 Easy Ways To Cut Down Your Screen Time

Our devices help to improve our life. They help us stay connected, updated, and entertained. However, they have also somewhat taken over our life. We are ALWAYS on our phones. And there is a need to reduce our screen time.

Research says that spending more than 3 hours on our phone can affect our mental health. Not only that, but using screens also affects our eyes as well as posture. So using our phones and laptops is bad for our physical as well as our mental health.

So how can we get read of this habit? Well, the answer is to take an easy approach and gradually reducing screen time. Here are some easy ways of reducing your screen time:

Track your screen time

screen time app on iphone

Both Android and iOS phones have a screen time function on their phones. Track your screen time throughout the week and see how much you use your phone. When you get aware that you are spending too much time on your phone, it will be easier for you to control it.

Set a time limit

A time limit function is also available on most phones. Set a time limit on applications or games that you need to cut back on. When the time limit is exceeded, the application will lock you out. Also, some social media like TikTok have built-in settings where you can set a time limit. This function is highly effective when cutting down screen time.

Mute the notifications

pinterest app notification badge
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Applications send us notifications to get our attention. And most of us check our phones when we get notifications and don’t stop using them. So the tip here is to mute notification of applications that aren’t your top priority. Turn off notifications of applications that you don’t have to check immediately.

Set your phone on grayscale

Studies show that we are more attracted to using our devices due to their color. Our phones are colorful and this makes us distracted from what is happening in from of us. So if you don’t want to use your phone too much, set it to grayscale. This method will help you cut back time on social media and games as well.

Find a new hobby

paint brush with colors
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We are guilty of checking our phones whenever we are bored. Whenever we feel a little bored, we pop our phones out. So to kill this bad habit, we would suggest you find a new hobby. Your new hobby can be gardening, reading, pottery, painting, sketching, playing sports, and many more. Just find something interesting that does not involve a screen.

Have a screen-free area

Designate a certain part or room of your home as a screen-free area. You can implement this rule to you, your partner, and even your kids. The best place to be screen-free is your bedroom and on the dining table. Keep tablets, laptops, and mobile phones out when you are eating. Instead, talk to your family and reflect on how your (or their) day went.

Set a morning routine

reading magazine with coffee
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Another habit that we are guilty of is checking our phones as soon as we wake up. We go on social media to catch up on what’s going on, and we read the news in bed. Instead of using your phone in bed, try some new routine. You can do any range of activities from going on a jog, working out, taking a shower, to making a healthy breakfast.

Leave work for working hours

Notify your coworkers that you will only be checking your email and other work-related messages during certain hours. And avoid checking your work email during your time at home. You can also try removing your work email id from your mobile phone. Use the work email only on your laptop or other work devices.

Cut back on using social media

mobile phone with social media folder
Photo by Christian Wiediger on Unsplash

Most people spend the majority of their screen time on social media. Because there are so many social media applications that we are guilty of using. So if you are committed to reducing screen time, remove the social media app from your phone. If you need to catch up on something, use them from your laptop browser.

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