8 Cryptic Texts That Nobody Has Been Able to Decipher Yet

If you are anything like me you like finding out about things that are mysterious.

One of the most interesting things for me is finding out historical texts.

Archaeologists have found many famous cryptic texts around the world.

However, no one has still been able to decipher most of it.

So, here are the most famous cryptic texts that haven’t been decoded yet:


Voynich Manuscript:

This is a manuscript which was written about 600 years ago.

The most interesting part about this book is that there are many drawings.

Experts believe that these drawings are of some kind of plants or animals.

Various people have also concluded that the book seems to have been written in a constructed language.

However, there is no one that has been able to decipher any of the 240 paged book.

Perhaps that is why some frustrated historians also believe that it is just a prank.

They think that the book keeper who found it might have done it just for popularity. But this all seems too far fetched to be true.


Alexander D’Agapeyeff:

Among the most famous cryptic texts, the D’Agapeyeff cypher has remained undeciphered for 70 years now.

On the last page of his book, codes and Ciphers, D’Agapeyeff dropped a little cryptic text.

He made this code and invited the readers to test their abilities.

However, there is no known decryption of the codes yet.

Try decoding it, if you feel that this might be something that interests you.


The Rohonc Codex:

This is a famous cryptic text book with an unknown author.

The writing system and the language seem completely foreign to us.

The book was found in Hungary at around the early 19th century.

Although many experts believe that it might have been an 18th century hoax, there are enough people who think that it actually means something.

The book was named after a city in Hungary named Rohonc.


Jim Sanborn Kryptos Sculpture:

If you’re a fan of learning about famous cryptic texts, this might be something that you have already heard of.

Unlike the above codes, Jim Sanborn designed this code as a piece of art on the grounds of CIA Office.

He is an American artist. He designed the cypher in the form a sculpture named Kryptos.

Many people have tried to decipher it but have only been able to do 75 percent of the decoding.

The artist has so far given 2 clues for the cipher. So, give it a shot, you might just get the answers if you’re smart enough.



This particular piece of history was found in the remote part of Easter Island.

Easter Island was home to Rapa Nui civilization which was rich in culture.

We know them more commonly as mawai.

These writings were pictures and symbols that are carved into 26 wooden tablets.

No one has ever been able to decode these famous ancient cryptic texts.

People also believe that these might simply have been pieces of art.


Vinca symbols:

 Famous Cryptic Texts

Vinca symbols are a set of symbols. Archeologists found on the artifacts of vinca culture from the Central and Southern Eastern Europe.

Historians believe that this famous cryptic text is from around 6th to 5th Millennium  BC.

Some also believe that these are the most early form of writing that influenced other writings.

However, the nature and purpose of these symbols are still a complete mystery.

Some believe that these symbols are of religious nature. And most of these inscriptions are on pottery.

So, if this intrigues you, try to understand what they might mean.


Indus/Harappan Script:

 Famous Cryptic Texts

These scripts are from the ancient Harappan Civilization in the Indian Subcontinent.

These are short symbols, which make it difficult to understand if they were actually texts or just symbols.

There has been numerous attempts to decipher these famous cryptic texts but to no avail.

Historians believe that these might just have been symbols instead of a language due to the non-repetitive nature among the discovered artifacts.

Whatever that maybe, this is one of the most interesting civilizations so deciphering the meaning of those texts might be a breakthrough.


Ripley Scrolls: Famous Cryptic Texts

Unlike the others in this article, this is a very distinct one.

The ripley scroll is a manuscript which is almost 6 metres long.

The most interesting thing about this scroll is that this scroll contains the recipe of making the Philosopher’s stone.

YES, the fabled cryptic text contains the cyphers to make the actual stone.

However, the alchemy isn’t as easy to process since many of the symbols have not been deciphered yet.

Only people who have dedicated their whole life into alchemy might decipher these.

You can actually find the actual scroll in googles art and culture page.

So, if you’re interested give the scroll a try, but remember you might spend your whole life just trying to decipher it.

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