7 Personality Types People to Avoid in Life

When it comes to friends, you are generally happy with people who are similar to yourself.

You choose those who have the same sense of humor and make an effort to get along with them.

However, there are people who don’t fit your personality preferences though they are your friends.

There are people having certain personality type, who are one of life’s greatest challenges and people to avoid in life.

Some people have personality of being draining, non-supportive, and difficult to adjust.

If you have these types of people in your life, you should definitely avoid them to be much happier.

So, let’s go through the personality types people to avoid in life.


The Awkward One

7 Personality Types People to Avoid in Life

The awkward people show personality of being shy and not mixed up in a group until they get comfortable.

These kind of people resist every social cue: from being unable to make small talk to rolling their eyes if they don’t agree.

They make you feel very uncomfortable if there’s no apparent reason for their inability to be friendly.

The awkward people simply can’t make effort to change their behavior and will remain awkward.

So, once you have ascertained that things aren’t going to change, stop wasting your energy on them.


The Controller

The Controller are one of the personality types people to avoid in life who are fearful with a low self-esteem.

These kind of people try to control you in order to shore up their own lack of confidence.

It doesn’t matter how much you please them, there will always be some falling on your part.

They will always insist on telling you what to do and what not to in everything related to your life.

These people are never satisfied because they cannot be pacified by other people. Often controller type of people is a partner or a parent.

So, you just need to be firm to them if they mean so much in your life or avoid these people if they do not mean so much.


The Emotional Vampire

7 Personality Types People to Avoid in Life

The emotional vampire are one of the personality types people to avoid in life who often seem to be normal.

They seem normal at first but may be very emotional or negative on the inside.

These kind of people often try to convince you but acting emotional outside but are very negative on the inside.

However, after you have left their company, the feeling of relief is very strong.

If they have been in your home, you might feel the urge to open the windows to let the breeze cleanse the atmosphere.


The Needy Victim

This personality type people are similar to the emotional vampire who wants your energy and your sympathy.

They always seek for help but usually will simply carry on along their own path.

These kinds of people are usually masochists who enjoy being one of life’s victims always wanting sympathy.


The Critical One

The controller and the critical one personality types people share similar qualities.

The critical kind of people simply can’t bear to see anyone happy, so they will pick holes in your achievements.

These kinds of people pin point every little details going on in your life so that they could make you disappointed.

A telling sign of a critic is that they will gossip about other people in a very judgmental manner.

As soon as they have the opportunity, they will be talking about you in the same way.


The Arrogant One

7 Personality Types People to Avoid in Life

These kind of people will make you feel like you just crawled out from under your rock.

The arrogant one usually has a following of sycophants who hang on to his or her very word.

The arrogant one are often the source of harmful and hurtful rumors.

These people can be bullies, gossips or really harmful too.


The Passive Aggressive

The passive aggressive is a kind of person who if often angry and fearful.

These kind of people aren’t able to express their anger or irritation so they find less obvious ways to do it.

The person will carry out a task that someone else was supposed to do, but all the time moaning.

These people often use words such as “Fine, whatever”.