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7 Must Have Makeup Brushes and Its Uses

Makeup is an art, and to create a flawless art; it is essential to know about how and when to use the brushes we have. There are different kinds of brushes that a lot of make-up artists use. But for normal girls like us deciding what brush to use and for what purpose can be a daunting task.

Using a hand to apply foundation may be easy, but for that flawless blend, using a brush is a must. Knowing how to use makeup brushes allows us the precision and control that we need to achieve a diverse range of looks.

Here to help you differentiate between the diverse range of brushes that are available in the market, we have listed out the most used and important ones.

Powder Makeup Brush

Powder Makeup Brush

A powder brush is a thick, full-fibered brush, either synthetic or natural. This brush has the versatility to perform a multitude of beauty jobs. This makeup brush is a vital tool to have in every makeup box.

Compared to all the types of makeup brushes, powder brushes are the most well-suited for adding color like blush when a more natural, less pigmented result is needed.

Tapered Foundation Brush

Tapered Foundation Brush

Tapered foundation brushes are flat, less full in form, with a gentle taper. These brushes are best used for applying liquid foundation and other liquid products. To apply makeup using a foundation brush, we will have to guide the brush along our face in even strokes.

We will also have to ensure that the makeup is blended in, and no harsh lines are left behind. Usually, it’s often easier to start in the middle and work your way outward. Many types of makeup brushes are multi-use. This is one of them. Flat foundation brush can also be used to apply a little highlighter to your temples or spot-correct, too.

Stippling Brush

Stippling Brush
Stippling Brush; Source@Zoeva

Very similar to a powder brush, a stippled brush has a striking appearance with the fibers of two distinct lengths. This brush has the bulk fully fibered and tightly packed with longer fibers interspersed. These types of brushes are great for layering different levels of makeup.

With this tool, primer, foundation, and blush can be seamlessly blended. Stippling brushes can be used with powders, but its best to use with liquid cream foundation and cream blush products.

Kabuki Makeup Brush

Kabuki Makeup Brush
Kabuki Makeup Brush; Source@mineralissima

Different than other brushes, a kabuki brush is one of the most impressive looking brushes in every makeup set. These brushes can be found on a wider variety with tightly packed fibers. They’re generally used with loose powders on body and face like powder foundation and blush.

These brushes will help to blend the concentrated products. To do that, we will have to swirl the brush in makeup, tap to remove excess, and then gently apply using broad, circular motions. This makeup brush is also used to set makeup with finishing powder. However, we should be careful not to press too aggressively to avoid disrupting the placement of our blush, highlighter, etc.

Contour Brush

Contour Brush
Contour Brush; Source@Nars

Contouring is a makeup application skill that every beauty guru has been preaching about. Additionally, it’s a skill that takes a lot of practice to be perfect. If we do not contour properly, it can leave dark, unblended, and streaks.

The first step for a good contour is investing in a right angled contour brush. It’s essential to use angled brushes rather than flat brushes because they allow us to follow the natural curves of your face.

Fan Brush

A fan brush, as the name suggests, is shaped like a fan. This brush is a basic one to have in your makeup toolbox because of its multifunctional use. These brushes work exceptionally well as a mistake-corrector. A Fan brush is used for applying bronzer or highlighter.

This brush is also used to diffuse color. Another way to use a fan brush is to use them as applicator skincare various liquid products like lotion, sunscreen, or concealer. This brush helps you to apply all types of skincare products in a gentle, soothing matter.

Blush Makeup Brush

Blush Makeup Brush
Blush Makeup Brush; Source@Amazon

A blush Makeup brush is very much similar to a powdered brush. Brushes for blush are generally a little stubbier than powder brush. They cover a smaller area than a powder brush. When we apply blush, you should try to avoid red circles on your cheeks.

To avoid looking fake, diffuse blush outward while applying to the apples of your cheeks. We should remember that it’s much easier to build color than it is to wipe it away after it’s already been applied, so we should begin by putting up less color.

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