7 Good Reasons to Travel



If traveling were a book, it would exclude the word – tiredness. We shall never see ourselves quitting this immortal and inborn knack of wondering the world.

Why do we love to travel? Why should we keep traveling to different destinations? Well, we have some optimal answers.

1. Travel for recreation

We value our academic life and career more than we value anything else. Despite the hectic schedules, it’s important to take a break and travel. Likewise, we can’t deny our need for recreational activities at certain intervals.

Travelling For Recreation
Traveling For Recreation
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Recreation is beneficial to employees as it boosts their performance at work. The author of “How to Succeed in Business Without Working So Damn Hard”: Robert J Kriegel believes creativity and innovative ideas are gathered via recreation.

2. Expands our perspective of life

The definition of life varies from one individual to another. Further, we define life on the basis of our exposure to the surroundings. Clearly, traveling to different places stand you in front of people with different stories to yours.

perspective of life changes while traveling
the perspective of life changes while traveling
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Your quest to fully understand life could remain unsolved no matter how often you travel. Nevertheless, you are bound to gain new perspectives, via traveling, so as to understand life better.

3. Broadens your knowledge

A place has so many things to present to its visitors. Its physical image is one thing, but there are numerous other details a traveler needs to know about it. The details include its history, geography, culture, and such.

Thus, a traveler in an outing ends up broadening his knowledge bank. Some of the information he may receive there might not be available on the internet either.

4. Traveling is practical

Yes, the internet has stored information about almost everything existing on the earth. We can browse this information on our palm, obviously. Indisputably, the internet serves us information regarding a place we want to know about. The thing we can’t do with the internet is feeling the exact sensation of being upfront in a place.

Let’s say we know every detail about Eiffel Tower’s structure and the surrounding settings. Besides, this doesn’t help us feel what it’s exactly like to be there. We ought to be in front of it for that particular feeling.

Traveling, therefore, is essential to practically get the real vibe a place gives off.

5. Traveling for good mental health

Perhaps, you have noticed yourself collecting happiness while you are out on a trip. Forbes calls travel a great stress buster in an article discussing its benefits on mental and emotional health.

Founder of Trusted Travel Girl, Valerie Wilson, is well aware of the positive impacts of travel on the mind. Above 80% of Americans participating in a 2013 survey felt their stress level drop just after traveling. That’s probably why people in stress are suggested to visit a new place.

6. You will earn new friends

Money is an essential component to set up a journey. We will earn new friends along with the lasting memories of the money we spend. Our connection circle gets broad and we shall earn many stories as well. Some of the friendships developed as a result of traveling may turn into lifetime allies.

Traveling can reward you with new friends
Traveling can reward you with new friends
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With the intervention of technology upon us, finding friends while traveling has become super easy. Couchsurfing and similar applications have made it more convenient finding new friends during our time out.

7. Traveling for a trend

If you visit different places, your friends will, definitely, follow your path. This is how the number goes up gradually and traveling becomes a trend.

A business mind would like to call it a canny step for a brighter future of tourism. This idea may be carried out consciously in order to get more people into traveling.

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