7 Gifts For Millennials That They Will Adore

7 Gifts For Millennials That They Will Adore

Millennials are the people who were born in the time frame of late 1980s to mid-1990s and early 2000s.

The word millennial is generally applied to those individuals who reached their adulthood in the beginning or the starting of 21st Century.

Often believed as an ‘entitled’ generation by boomers and baby boomers, Millennials actually consider themselves as a more of an aware generation rather than entitled.

The generation of Millennials has varied interests.

They are the first generation of individuals who grew up with internet so the trends they follow are always evolving.

Now all of us might have at least one or even more than one millennial in our life.

As the holiday season is coming around choosing a gift for a millennial brother, sister or a friend becomes a real hard task.

What could you possibly gift to a generation that has everything at the tip of their fingers?

Finding the perfect gift for anyone is hard, and finding a gift that is trending for millennials is extra hard.

But don’t worry; we have just made that hard task a little bit easier. Here we have curated a list of ten things that is perfect to gift a millennial.


Re- useable metal straws

7 Gifts For Millennials That They Will Adore

Climate change is real and there is no doubt that each one of us habituating this planet earth must take a step forward to stop this.

While a lot of boomers and baby boomers believe that climate change is a myth, Millennials are aware and are actively advocating for saving the planet earth from climate change.

Eliminating the use of plastic straws is one of the very initial and an important initiation that Millennials have begun.

Help them in their conquest of protecting the environment and gift them a re-useable metal straw that they can carry everywhere.

They will for surely appreciate your thoughtfulness and love the gift.


Steel water bottle

7 Gifts For Millennials That They Will Adore

Plastic has been one of the most environmental polluting substances that we human beings use every day in our daily life.

It is polluting not only our land but the oceans too. Any effort that one can put to minimize the use of plastics they use is a big one.

As the same effort millennials started a new trend of carrying their own water.

When one carries their own water bottle they don’t need to buy a plastic bottle of mineral water every time they are thirsty.

This will ultimately help to minimize the use of plastics. So a steel water bottle will be a very good gift for any millennials.


Tiny Portable charger

7 Gifts For Millennials That They Will Adore

For a generation that spends almost the whole day attached to their phones, a portable charger might be the best thing one can gift them.

For them a dead battery is the definition of a modern tragedy. With the portable charger they will never have to worry about running out of battery ever again.

And with their tiny size they won’t even have to worry about not fitting the charger in their bag.

Instead of carrying around a bulky battery case, they can keep their tiny charger in bag and they will be ready for any emergency.


A potted Plant

According to Harvard University myrmecologist and conservationist Edward O. Wilson employees who are exposed to plants in the workplace reported improved moods and other psychological benefits as well.

So for the generation who spend most of their time working at their office desk a potted plant shall be more than a decorative element.

This holiday season gift the millennial in your life a potted plant.


Wireless headphones

7 Gifts For Millennials That They Will Adore

The generation of millennials is obsessed with music. For them their music is as important as breathing oxygen.

Headphones at this point can be said is a lifeline for them. They do not take even a step outside home without their headphones.

So, what could be a better than gifting them headphones, that too wireless.

Wireless headphones will help them listen to their music without the hassle of managing the long wires that come with usual headphones.

Also, with these headphones they can drown out the world and simply focus on their work without getting distracted.


Monthly Planner

A lot of millennials usually have a bunch of events that they need to attend.

Giving them a monthly planner would be a very nice idea considering the fact that most of the millennials claim their life is a mess.

By giving this gift of organization your gift might as well help them bring their life back in tracks.

Plus, monthly planners are very much trending nowadays. Pretty sure the millennials in your life will love this gift.


Netflix Subscription

Last but not the least, a Netflix subscription is one gift that no millennial will be disappointed with. In fact they will be over the moon to have received this gift.

Weekends in the life of millennials is full of movies, junk food and a warm bed.

And nothing is better than Netflix when it comes to the collection of movies.

There is just so much to watch that none of the weekends will go boring of whoever gets gifted this gift.

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