6 Ways You Can Handle Your Workplace Stress

5 Ways You Can Handle Your Work Stress

The workplace isn’t everyone’s happy place. According to a survey of more than 2,000 full-time U.S. employees, ages 18-79. More than half of employees find themselves stressed during at least 60 percent of the workweek. The results are no wonder because stress at the workplace is common. Moreover, dealing with different types of people and getting piled up with unexpected chores is exhausting. Facing some tension amidst the work is normal. Especially if you’re facing a challenging deadline. However, give extra attention if work stress becomes chronic.

Not a single job is stress-free but what counts is your realistic approach and strategical coping techniques. However, ignoring or running away from such stress can be more harmful. Hence bust your stress right away before the stress busts you. Don’t let workplace stress take over your lifestyle, mental and physical health. Here are some stress management techniques you can adopt whenever you find yourself stressing at your workplace. I hope this works and makes you lightheaded throughout your time in your workplace.

Face It Early

5 Ways You Can Handle Your Work Stress
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The easiest way to get over your daily stress is to face the toughest task at first. Face your highest stress factor in the morning in order to be in peace throughout the day. If you’re meeting with an important client. And that stresses you out then finish off that task in the morning itself. The problem won’t bug you for the rest of the day.

Put Label On Your Stress

Work-life and stress come arm in arm. However, don’t ever run away or try to ignore what’s stressing you. Increased anxiety or stress is more likely to kill your productivity and peace of mind. The quickest way to tackle stress is to recognize and label it. What is it that you are feeling and who/what is the cause of it?  Addressing your stress can play a huge role in kicking off negative thoughts too. Prolonged stress in your mind may make you jump to conclusions and read into every situation with a negative lens. You deal with stress better when you know the origin of the stress. When you know the origin of your stress, no one better than you knows how to tackle it.

Talk It Out

5 Ways You Can Handle Your Work Stress

We all know that venting relieves our stuffed hearts. If you have a trusted friend then you can discuss what you’re going through. Professional counselors can also be a great help. Who knows that your friend might have even better-coping ideas. Yes, work-life sometimes can be harsh but you all need a good friend to talk to and feel better about it. Likewise, jotting down your feelings or journaling helps too. While your journal, ask yourself how you reacted or felt the stress,

  • How did this make me feel? (Afraid, angry, hurt?)
  • What was my reaction? (Did I visit the vending machine afterward or go for a walk?)
  • What are some ways of resolving it? (How can I find solutions to this stressor?)

Tackle It Physically


Stress can take over our bodies in no time. The connection between physical and mental health is not a new thing. Don’t let your stress control your body. Body movements help to break the chain of anxiousness. Make a fixed routine, go for a walk or do a light exercise. Likewise, deep breathing is scientifically proven to be useful to lessen anxiety.

Encourage Social Activity

5 Ways You Can Handle Your Work Stress
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Things can get tougher at your workplace if you do not recognize your colleagues well. If employees spend more time together, they feel more comfortable. This eventually can make you feel less stressed. Moreover, it will also help employees break communication barriers and expectations. Creating a jolly environment at your workplace can lighten your heart and will make you take things more gently.

Recharge Occasionally

This is a very easy yet very important technique. All you need to do is break your monotonous routine of work. And take an occasional break once in a while. Taking out a little time out of your busy work routine can help prevent burnout. While in that time, you can listen to your favorite music or podcast or chat with your friend. Then you will be all set to revive your energy back to your work.

Besides all these tips and techniques, setting aside time for your self-care is very important. Amidst the work don’t forget to prioritize your health, sleep, and personal life. Pamper yourself with chocolates and rewards after a long day because you deserve that like nobody else.


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