6 Things We Need to Normalize in 2021.

Things We Need To Normalize in 2021

Let’s admit it, people aren’t perfect, and being different or not following social constraints doesn’t make you any less of a human. Society plays an important part in our life but that doesn’t mean we need to hide who we are and play by the rules in order to feel like we belong.

We’ve come a long way, especially when it comes to being accepted in a society filled with prejudices. But we still have a long way to go before the society that we created, fully excepts us for who we are. This is why it is so important to take necessary steps towards normalizing certain things and behaviors that are often considered unacceptable or unsuitable.

Here are 6 things we need to normalize in 2021.

Mental Health and Therapy.

We need to normalize mental health

Having mental health issues doesn’t make you any less of a human. In fact, 1 in every 20 adults suffers from some form of mental illness in the US alone. Anyone can suffer from mental illness and it doesn’t mean that there’s something wrong with you.

Similarly, another thing we need to normalize is going to therapy. There is so much going on in people’s lives that reading “how to be happy” articles won’t solve. They need expert advice and help in order to get their life on track. And normalizing this gives them validation that they’re as normal as someone with no mental issues.

Gender Equality, Empowerment.


Gender equality and empowerment are something everyone loves to talk about. Yet, when it’s time to stand up for it, its status remains locked in textbooks.

It’s crucial to acknowledge that gender roles are mere social constraints that limit the abilities of all genders. Men don’t cook and women don’t work are outdated societal norms we need to stop following. Regardless of the gender spectrum, everyone is capable of doing anything they desire. And in 2021, we need to normalize gender equality and empowerment no matter what.

LGBTQ+ Representation.

Similarly, misrepresenting the LGBTQ community has been going around for way too long. We are tired of watching cisgenders playing gays and lesbians and stereotyping them. It is about time we see more LGBTQ+ representation and by all means, stop stereotyping.

Men Liking Feminine Things and Vice Versa.


Everyone, regardless of their gender, has their own liking. It’s the 21st century and there is absolutely no need to judge them based on what they prefer, or anything else for that matter.

There are men who like wearing dresses and makeup and women who play video-games. So, the next time we see someone doing things their gender is “not supposed to do,” let’s mind our business and let them be.

Men Showing Emotion.


Similarly, emotions are natural and not something that’s associated with their genders. “Boys don’t cry,” is probably the most toxic thing anyone can say. And in 2021, we should normalize the fact that men are equally emotional as any other gender.

So, when you see a man cry, don’t judge or mock them. Instead, support them and validate their emotions.

Platonic Friendships.

It might come off as surprising, but yes, friendships between two opposite genders exist. And these friends have no interest in having physical or sexual relationships with each other. But they love each other with the sole intention of being friends.

People usually judge platonic friendships and think that it doesn’t exist. However, having platonic friends myself, I can tell you that it is very real and it is about time we normalize this in 2021.

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