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6 Best BTS Rap Songs You Need To Listen To Right Now!

Credits: HYBE Entertainemnt

It’s no secret that BTS has got a lot of attention across the world. Whether it’s because of their songs and performances or because of the group as a whole. Of course, they’re most recognized for their honesty and originality, but they’ve also gained a following for their rap songs. It is safe to say that BTS’ rap tracks are fire! 

Before we jump into the list of all the BTS rap songs, let’s first know about the rappers.

Firstly being, RM (Kim Namjoon, Main Rapper), SUGA (Min Yoongi, Lead Rapper) & J-Hope( Jung Hoseok, Lead Rapper) are the three rappers of BTS. Although mostly known as the rap line, they have collective rap songs and even have their solo mixtapes!

bts rap line comprises of three members: namjoon, suga, jhope
Credits: HYBE Entertainment

BTS’s albums, whether short or full-length, has a set pattern that it sticks to. The album begins with an “Intro” and concludes with an “Outro.” After that, they are either skits or rap tracks performed by the rap line.

And now, without further ado, let’s get to know the finest BTS rap songs you should be listening to right now! 

“BTS Cypher 2: Triptych” (Skool Luv Affair, 2014)

And with that, we begin our trip through the finest BTS rap songs. The Cypher tracks are numbered starting with their second album, O!RUL8,2? There are four parts.

But take note of how this song is referred to as Pt. 2. It stands out the most because of the incredible rap variety displayed by all three rappers. From the album Skool Luv Affair, this rap track appears to be a direct response to the B-Free incident, in which the former Korean rapper insulted BTS and Army’s. This might or could not be the reason why the group’s luck has improved since then.

Talking about the lyrics and flow, well, the rappers have held onto a unique style.  Furthermore, ex-Bangtan trainee Supreme Boi begins the intro by referencing uniting himself with idol rappers. Jhope, on the other hand, hits the nuke with his role as the hype man for the other two.

“BTS Cypher 3: Killer” (Dark & Wild, 2014) 

As we all know, the BTS Cypher series is a series of diss recordings aimed at underground Korean rappers. And the structure of this BTS rap track is similar to that of a pop song, which has fans captivated and on their feet!

Supreme Boi’s hook sounds like a mix of all three rappers’ voices, thanks to some strange alchemy. Furthermore, the most notable aspect of the music is how Suga, who was before the most menacing, now becomes freaky.

In any case, the rap track has been on a high since the second verse, and the flow of all three rappers’ verses is remarkable.

“BTS Cypher 4” (WINGS, 2016) 

The last track in the cypher series is all about not caring about anyone, particularly BTS’s naysayers. Put another way, and it’s about accepting that whatever is made by haters is just chatters that are baseless.

Even though the song is meant to roast their haters, it is clear that the rap line did not throw shade at their critics and instead urged people to embrace themselves in the song. Their sincerity in their dignity and respect is palpable to everybody.

And, of course, the flow and rappers have handled themselves admirably on the song. On the other hand, RM has gone on to win over fans with his rap style and swing.


Ddaeng, co-produced by Suga, is a sound that depicts a bell ringing or when someone or something is wrong. This track is a slight dig at how far the group has gone despite the hate they have seen. The rappers were regularly rebuked by members of South Korea’s hip-hop world early on in their careers. They finally have everything they had longed for.

When it comes to rappers, J-hope’s vocal transition is quite appealing. His voice may be heard from the top of the mountain to the bottom of the sea, if you may. And it’s Namjoon’s stuttering that draws in the audience.


BTS members addressed their relationship and devotion to the group in an episode of Break The Silence, and Suga explained the reason behind the group’s song “Outro: Tear.”

Yes, every BTS rap song has a backstory, but the one for “Outro: Tear” makes everyone cry. The members were struggling with strain and stress at the start of 2018, to the point that they considered splitting up. But, instead, they persisted and ended up having their most successful year ever.

On the other hand, the song combines a strong beat with sorrowful words to create a heartfelt anthem. It was inspired by BTS’s near-disbandment and dedicated to his group members.

UGH! (욱) (MAP OF THE SOUL: 7, 2020)

Since the success of “UGH!” there has been much talk regarding RM, Suga, and J-rap Hope’s abilities. In both English and Korean, the word refers to a disappointed sound.

While rage and anger are vital elements of life at times, the lyrics indicate that they are not always necessary. These normal feelings become dangerous when you become immersed in them or refuse to let them go. The boys rap about how they’re not fans when it comes to that stage.

Finally, rappers have their own solo mixtapes where they may exhibit their abilities in their own unique manner. In any case, BTS rap songs are undeniably what have fans glued and grooving.

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