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5G Effects On Body And Health Impact Of Cellphones

Is 5g harmful on health?
Is 5g harmful on health?

The past decade has been full of technical breakthroughs, and 5G is one of the most important ones. If you are excited about the new 5G technology, you might want to pause for a moment and read this.

You have probably heard before that mobile technologies can cause damage to your health. Till now, there have been many speculations on the effects of using 5G technology on a human body. But now scientists have enough evidence from researches to tell us that 5G is dangerous for our health.

WHO with the International Agency for Research on Cancer has classified all the radiofrequency radiation as possibly carcinogenic. So, the question that does 5G technology cause brain cancer has posed a serious concern.

Unlike the previous technologies, 5G emits maximum radiation and poses the highest threats to human health. Until now, the risks posed by other technologies could as well be ignored, but 5G uses a stronger electromagnetic field.

Is 5g dangerous to and effects health and body?

Dr. Carpenter, who was a Harvard graduate, has said that the latest mobile phone technologies have a dire threat to human health. Scientists have discussed the risks of electromagnetic waves from mobile phones for years now.

5g effects on body
Is 5g harmful to health?

But now they have raised these concerns again as the world moves towards a faster technology. Some scientists believe that human skin can act as a shield to all the radiation. The reason why the health risks of 5G are so hard to debunk is that we lack pieces of evidence against it.

5g health risks debunked:

More scientists say it is wrong to believe that the higher the frequency is, the higher the risk would be. There has been not much research in the field. So, it is incorrect to assume that 5G harms the body just because of its higher frequency.

Is 5g dangerous to health?
5G effects on health

Radiation such as X-rays or Gamma rays has negative energy in them, which can break molecules and cause cancer. However, 5G has far lower radiation than any of these waves.

How can I protect myself from the effect of 5G on my health?

So, as told above there hasn’t been much research on this topic. No one can yet clearly state that 5G technology will be harmful to human health. But if you are scared that this radiation might harm you and your family, there are precautions that you can take against it:

Refrain from using technologies for a long time:

We tend to immerse ourselves into dozens of technology every day. All of these technologies have radiations in them; however, their strength may vary. If you wonder how you can protect yourself from 5G, the best possible way would be to stay away from it.

Is 5g dangerous to health?

Since there have been no clear guidelines as to how much these radiations can affect your health, the best thing to do right now is to avoid using 5G technology.


Another way of reducing the harm done to your health by these radiations is to make your body healthier. Your body should have proper nutrients to fight against an external threat. One of them is Vitamin D, which you can get plenty of in the sunlight. Since you might not be able to avoid these radiations altogether, try to get enough sunlight.

Stay away from towers:

Distance is very important if you want to avoid the 5G radiation. There will be towers around the cities when 5G technology is widely used. So, if you have to build a house somewhere, opt for places away from such places.

There is no proof yet that these radiations will damage your health, but if this concerns you, try to stay away from the source of the radiation.

Use EMF shields:

EMF radiation caused by 5G devices might be a harm to human health. Additionally, these radiations cause life-threatening diseases like brain cancer.

Electromagnetic shields help you block away from the radiation caused by any materials. They make use of magnetic materials to shield the radiation. These devices are already used in the market, and you can find it easily in amazon. They claim to reduce the emission by 92%, which is quite impressive.


Even if we are still not sure if 5G is dangerous to your health, you should be prepared for the worst. This might not help you fight the radiation directly but will help you make your body healthy. Improve your understanding of the relationship between diet and free radicals. Take a look at how the keto diet can improve your health.

Finally, since we still don’t have research to prove if 5g has any effect on the human body, we can at least try to be safe from the technology.