5 Ways Of Buying Designer Products At Lower Prices

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Imagine, You’re in a nice clothing store, and your eyes fall on a beautiful garment or handbag that makes you think that you must have it no matter what (Yeah! love at first sight stuff). You admire it from afar, you get close to it, you feel it up and then when you finally see its price tag–your heart practically breaks (every damned time) when you see its price tag.

What if I tell you that you can buy that fancy designer dress you wished to buy at a lower price tag? Unbelievable, right? But it is possible, there are many ways to achieve this, for example; Through online liquidation stores like Quicklotz. Anyways, I better get started with those 5 cheaper ways of buying fancy designer ways before I make you anymore impatient.

Liquidation Store

Liquidation stores are the best way to buy designer clothes
Liquidation stores are the best way to buy designer clothes
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for as this type of store auctions off their wares at a crazy high discount. Obviously, you might think that it’s a fraud or that you’ll receive faulty products, while it is possible that you might receive a faulty product but the chances of that happening are like 1 in 60.

Liquidation stores mostly sell the distributor closeouts, overstocks, and store returns, which is why the high discounts and coupons. It’s quite a sweet deal but liquidation stores offer discounts only for a limited time so you better watch out.

Shopping From Other Collection

No groans please, when I say other collections, I mean the ones under bigger fashion brands. Shocked? Unless you’re a shopping addict you might not know that a specific fashion house has many brands under the same companies. For example, Gucci hosts several other brands such as Yves Saint Laurent, Alexander McQueen, and a few others.

These brands under bigger brands are usually cheaper as they are mass-produced but are as good as the original brand. By buying from lower brands gives you both a good brand name as well as a designer product.

Buying Second Hand Products

Most of us will scroll past this point and why won’t we either? We want brand new designer products, not some hand-me-down stuff even if it’s beautiful… okay on second thought, I’d just swallow my ego and get it if it’s good.

It’ll be dirt cheap anyway and I’m quite sure that it’ll be in good condition especially if you buy them from consignment shops as consignment shops make sure to repair, launder and improve items before putting them on sale.

Buying Second Hand Products
Buying Second Hand Products Source: Facebook

Sure there are also thrift stores but I think consignment shops might be a lot better, the only thing that can be better than that is your friends’ hand-me-downs… (No money spent and good product received. Heck yeah).

Festival Sells and Credit Card Discount

My personal favorite, the only reason I’m glad that festivals exist is the 40-50% discount on my favorite products. Whenever I find something catchy, I look up into the calendar for the next big festival and wait about as patiently as a Tiger hunting its prey.

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Sure it might still not be in your budget oftentimes, but that’s what credit card EMI exists for… instead of going bankrupt all at once we can go bankrupt slowly, and if you’re a loyal customer, then you can even avail special privileges and additional discounts up to 25% it comes a lot handy during the festive season.

Author’s Note

Now that it’s time to say goodbye. I’d like to tell you something you already know–if you’re desperate to buy a certain designer product then you’ll buy it no matter what, even if you have to eat lucky charms for the whole month and even if you regret buying it later or can’t find any right occasion to wear it, so be smarter and a bargainer see every available place where it might be available for a lower price than where you saw it.

The Internet is a huge market place so I’m quite sure you’ll easily find what you want to buy or something even better at a lower cost, sites like Alibaba and eBay just make doing that much easier, and if you don’t use your old designer product, eBay it or Craigslist it, that way you’ll get an additional buck for whatever you wish to buy.

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