5 True Hollywood Stories That Make Great Movies

5 True Hollywood Stories That Makes Great Movies

When you think of Hollywood movies, you might think of “fictional stories presented by fictional characters”. However, several films are either based on true stories or inspired by true events.

As entertaining and fascinating as Hollywood seems, it is filled with complicated, untold stories. And by now we might have a little idea that the glitz and glam of the Hollywood stars are only in front of the camera. Once that spotlight goes, they are as normal as any other human.

The stories of these glamorous stars are often publicized but we never get to know the real truth. However, some of these true Hollywood stories are so captivating that they’d make great movies.

The Story of Hollywood Actress Hedy Lamarr.

The Story of Hollywood Actress Hedy Lamarr
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Hedy Lamarr was Hollywood’s one of the most beautiful actresses. She was originally from Austria where she began her acting career. Hedy also appeared in numerous Czech and German films before becoming a Hollywood star.

What makes this Hollywood star’s story so fascinating is how she turned her life around. Lamarr was married to a rich ammunition manufacturer in Austria, Fredrich Mandl. He supplied arms and weapons to different nations during the World Wars. However, Lamarr fled from her husband and eventually ended up in London. There, she met the head of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) studio, Louis B. Mayer who gave her a break in Hollywood.

But what’s more interesting about Hedy Lamarr apart from her Hollywood success is the stories of her life. Along with being an actress, Lamarr was also an inventor. During World War II, she helped develop a radio guidance system that used frequency-hopping spread spectrum technology that was used by the Allies torpedoes. The same technology later influenced initial versions of Wi-Fi as well as Bluetooth.

Divine, The Story of a Hollywood Icon.

The story of Divine

Harris Glenn Milstead, better known as Divine was an actor, singer, drag queen, and cult figure within the LGBTQ community. His film, music, and drag careers are all a significant part of incredible Hollywood stories. And his enticing early stories to his close ties with John Waters, an independent filmmaker.

A true Hollywood icon, Divine’s story of coming from a middle-class conservative family to being openly gay and setting a legacy of his own is truly inspiring. And his fascinating story would make a great Hollywood movie.

Billy Wilder and Raymond Chandler Polar Opposite Chemistry.


They say opposites attract, maybe that is why Billy Wilder and Raymond Chandler’s film Double Indemnity is one of Hollywood’s best noir movies. Billy Wilder was one of Hollywood’s most acclaimed screenwriters and Raymond Chandler was one of the best crime novelists. However, the chemistry of these two together was nothing less than dramatic.

The two of them were each other’s opposites. And they would drive each other insane while working together. Thus, adopting their stories of horror together would make an entertaining Hollywood movie.

Brendan Fraser’s Tragic Tales.


Brendan Fraser was one of Hollywood’s most promising actors of the 90’s/00’s with the lead role in The Mummy Trilogy. With several noteworthy films and TV appearances, Fraser had a prominent Hollywood career.

However, they say good things don’t last forever, and it was exactly the case for Brendan. His career came crashing as his personal life was also in turmoil. He suffered multiple life-threatening injuries while filming several stunts for his films. Fraser went through one of Hollywood’s most dramatic divorces with actress Afton Smith. He lost his mother who he was very close in 2016. But most importantly, his accusation of sexual assault to Hollywood Foreign Press Association president, Philip Berk was the icing on the cake.

Showcasing the stories of Brendan Fraser’s tumultuous life would make a sad yet amazing Hollywood drama.

The Making of Jaws.


Jaws, to date, is one of the best Hollywood horror movies. It is also a film that gave director Steven Spielberg his recognition as he became a household name.

As great as the movie is, the making of Jaws in itself is one of the greatest Hollywood stories. From production disasters to on-set dramas, a Hollywood movie based on the making of Jaws will probably one of the best movies.

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