5 Supermarket Secrets You Probably Didn’t Know

5 Supermarket Secrets You Probably Didn't Know

Going grocery shopping, picking up items in the cart, and returning back home, may sound very simple and normal to us. But in reality, supermarkets actually have a well-designed and scientific layout. It is a business that wants us to spend as much as we can. Interestingly, the little tricks they play with us are so subtle that we don’t even realize it. You will be shocked to know that every inch of a supermarket has a reason that lures us to buy more. Likewise, here are 5 supermarket secrets or strategies that they probably don’t want you to know.

Check out line temptation

5 Supermarket Secrets You Probably Didn't Know

The checkout line is nothing but a temptation trap. There is a reason why shiny magazines, candies, gums, and small gadgets are in the checkout line. They  exactly know that you will have no choice but to stare and buy them while you wait in your line. Now when you know this, you may also remember one of your impulsive buys while waiting in line.

Strategical shelves

This is the most interesting secret that almost all supermarkets abide by. Every shelf we see in the supermarket is stocked strategically. You are most likely to buy the things that you see first. Hence front aisles contain the most expensive products. Similarly, expensive items are kept at eye level while the least expensive on the top and bottom shelves. It is also said that high price products are mostly kept on the right side as we cling to the right side more. It is the same reason why dairy-based items are kept behind while the least bought items are kept in front.

Expiry dates are meaningless on food

5 Supermarket Secrets You Probably Didn't Know
Canadian Institute

Yes, it’s actually shocking that expiry dates on products are meaningless. Certainly, food items like cheese or milk will go stale. But if an item passes by an expiry date but if it looks okay, they are allowed to put their own label. Likewise, supermarkets can do their own labeling and are generally left up to their own devices.

Slow Music

Yes, we love to nod our heads while supermarkets play one of our favorite songs. But did you know that they actually are putting on music to make customers spend more time in the store? Moreover, slow music makes people slow down and spend more time in the store, Martin Lindstrom, author of “Small Data: The Tiny Clues That Uncover Huge Trends,” says. This strategy makes customers buy 29 percent more.

Reconditioning food


Hate to tell you but when food expires, it is sent back to the food companies to recondition them. It is a never-ending cycle actually. Because we all know that not all items get sold. There are instances when a bad batch of blueberry ice cream was sent back and turned into chocolate ice cream. Seems like this is how this industry works.

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