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5 Sexist Things That Are Normalized By Our Society

5 Sexist Things

Women are equal to men; we have heard this statement since we were little kids. Gender equality is something every society is trying to attain. Whether it be closing the pay gap, providing education to women, or supporting feminist movements. Our society is definitely moving forward towards ending misogyny and sexism.

However, our society is far from being able to avoid sexist tendencies altogether. There are so many things our us that happens that are inherently sexist. And we don’t even realize them until they are pointed out.

So, here’s a list of 5 sexist things that are normalized by our society:


5 Sexist Things That Are Normalized By Our Society
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I bet there isn’t a single woman in the world that hasn’t been catcalled. Catcalling happens so often that we often forget that it is a form of harassment. And the fact that one in ten girls gets catcalled before they are even eleven is disgusting. Also, women worldwide have to dress down or feel self-conscious when they are going out, says it all.

Double standards of female sterilization

Okay… explain this to me, please. While men want to get a vasectomy, they can simply go to the hospital and get one. But when a woman wants to get her tubes tied, the hospital often demands permission from her husband. The double standards that exist for male and female sterilization never fail to amaze me.

To add to that, when women say they don’t want kids, they are told that they are too young to take the decision or are judged for being too selfish. Like what?

Taking the last name

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Taking the last name of husbands or fathers is so normalized by our society that we don’t even question it. In some countries, women are expected to take the last name of their husbands and keep their husbands’ names as their middle name. This supposed tradition bases the identity of women on the men of their life. At birth, babies take the last name of their fathers and, after marriage, their husbands.

Babies are carried by mothers, birthed by them, and fed by them. But when it comes to giving a last name to the baby, they receive it from their father. This seems unfair to mothers in general. And we have just accepted it as it is.

Also, after marriage, women who have created their identities are expected to change them. They have certificates, degrees, and accomplishments. These don’t need changing just because she is committed to her partner.

Wedding ceremonies

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Wedding ceremonies from the east to the west of the world have tons of sexist “traditions.” In a western wedding, usually, fathers walk down the aisle with their daughters and give them away. This tradition stems back from when women were considered as property handed down from man to man. And women were required to wear white to symbolize their virginity.

In the eastern side of the world, the custom of dowry still prevails even though it is illegal. Dowry is a custom in which the bride’s family provides money and other commodities to the groom. Another custom also exists known as “Kanya Daan.” Kanya Daan literally means giving away women as charity or offering to her new husband. It treats women as a commodity previously owned by her parents and now by her husband.

Repeat after me, “Women are not objects.”


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Slut-shaming is a practice in our patriarchal society that is as old as time. It is tactical sexism to control women. They are shamed for dressing how they want, having sexual relations, and “falling out of line.” The society we live in is slut shames women without any remorse. A women’s dignity exists only in whether she is pure or not. Even the definition of a “good girl” is based on whether she has had multiple partners or not.

Men receive praise when they have had multiple partners. He is a stud. But she is a slut. This double standard exists in our society. Absolute rubbish.

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