5 Self Defense Tips Everyone Should Know

5 Self-Defense Everyone should know

In a world of increasing violence and harassment cases, its never too late learn self-defense moves.

Honestly, there is no shortage of people going around harming and harassing others.

It can happen to anyone and anywhere without your knowledge or ability to control it.

You might not be able to stop them, however, you can always save yourself from the threat.

There are plenty of ways you can save yourself. Like learning taekwondo, kung fu, karate, kickboxing, etc.

Not only learning taekwondo or kickboxing keep you fit and healthy, but it is also a great way to save yourself from a brawl if necessary.

You might not be a street fighter, but knowing how to keep yourself safe if a street fight breaks are very important.

So, here are 5 self-defense tips everyone should know.

No matter what people say, it’s important that you present yourself confidently in front of others.

Look Strong and Make Yourself Hard to Hold.

So, looking strong and confident is the best form of self-defense you can have.

A strong and confident look can be intimidating for an attacker even before he thinks of attacking you.

Even when you’re walking alone and are very nervous, try not to show it.

However, there might arise situations where you do get attacked.

If it happens, the best thing you could do is get a really good hold of yourself.

In case the attacker comes at you from behind and wraps their arms around you in a “bear hug,” remember to stiffen your body.

This makes it hard for the attacker to move you around.

Drop your weight and lower your base, then bend your knees and drop your butt down.

This move makes you heavier and more difficult to lift and move around.

Hit the Most Vulnerable Areas.

You might be a little or a lot less powerful than your attacker. And your attacks might not be as powerful as theirs.

But there are certain areas in a person, no matter how weak your attacks are, might severely injure the person.

Try going for areas like eyes, nose, and the groin which are the most vulnerable parts of a person.

And if you’re looking forward to throwing kicks at them, make sure your feet are flat when striking.

Target the Thumbs of the Choker and Hands in a Headlock.

Our thumb is probably the most important finger as it aids the most when it comes to gripping.

And for an attacker who is into choking the victims, the thumb plays an important part.

Therefore, if anyone is ever choking you with their hands, trying aiming for the thumb instead of other fingers.

The best way to do it is by bringing your thumb to the side of your index finger and make a C shape.

Slip the finger as deep as you can, pull down against their thumb and back with your elbows.

You can then kick the attacker and rip the hands off your neck.

Another common attacking method is the headlock where attackers have their elbow wrapped around your head.

In such cases, try getting to the side where their hands are. Use the C-shaped hook again to tear the hands away from your neck.

Get Ready to Punch and Know How to Defend it.

You should always know and be ready to strike a punch to your attacker while self-defending.

I’m pretty sure you’ve watched boxing matches before and know how important protecting your face is.

So, try to bring your hands and fists up to your face with your fingertips aligned with your eyebrows.

This will protect you from getting hit on the chin or jaw.

But you should also know how to defend a punch aiming at other parts of the body.

You should learn how to redirect the attacks away from your body and block punches with arms and other parts.

Know when to back down.

While it’s important to learn to protect yourself from the threat of being attacked, it is also important to know when to back off or back down.

There are times and situations when the attacker might be armed with weapons. They can either shoot you or stab you with ease and injure or even kill you.

You don’t need to show your heroic side during those moments, especially if you’re alone.

You can back down from the fight so that you won’t get hurt. But always remember to put your emergency contacts in line and secretly call them if possible.

Or, you can later report the incident to the police.

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