5 Little Things That Says A Lot About People’s Personalities

5 Little Things That Says A Lot About Peoples Personalities
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According to a study, people will have a solid impression of who you are within the first seven seconds of meeting. In addition to that, it takes only 10 seconds to determine how or loyal you are. Undoubtedly, it’s a great skill to look through people’s personalities in the first meet itself. This will help find you a better strong relationship with a variety of people you meet. These 5 little things I have listed may help you learn about someone better. We for sure have no right to judge anyone based on these few little things. However, these few things may reveal a lot about someone you want to know better.

How their social-media life compares to real-life

5 Little Things That Says A Lot About People's Personalities

We have certainly come across people whose personality varies in social media a lot differently than in real life. Are they putting on a show by showing every amazing detail of their life? And trying hard to seek validations from others? Such portrayal says a lot about people and what motivated them. Not being judgemental but you can tally such actions with yours. Are those things that you value or admire too? If not you know that you have to back off because we love to surround ourselves with people sharing the same values as ours.

How someone treats people below them

It is a very common test that how people treat someone below them. Is he/she kind to people who can do absolutely nothing for them? Be it, strangers on-street, janitors, or homeless, how does he/she react or talk about them? Such small behaviors can tell a lot about people’s personalities.

How someone keeps their commitment

Here I am not talking about relationship commitments. But small commitments that we swear by daily. When someone assures you to meet you on Saturday, are they abiding by their commitment? Sometimes, anything out of control may come by but don’t miss out if they follow the same pattern. Not being able to a foothold on their own small commitment shows a lack of respect and unreliability.

How they act when they make a mistake

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We all love people embracing their bright sides. However, everyone makes mistakes and has their dark sides too. So, how do they react when you address their mistake respectfully? Do they own their mistake or come with one or two stupid excuses now and then? It is a great trait when someone owns their mistake and pledge to not repeat it. Yes, don’t let such people slip by your hand.

How they act when you make a mistake

As important as they react to their own mistake. Do they react decently to your honest mistake as well? If someone belittles you for your mistake rather than talking it respectfully then it’s a high time you move a step back. How someone reacts to your honest apology tells a lot about people and their personalities.

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