4 Signs Your Vehicle Needs a New Exhaust

4 Signs Your Vehicle Needs a New Exhaust
Know the signs your vehicle needs a new exhaust so that you can prevent major problems from occurring and ensure your car performs to the best of its ability.

The point of an exhaust system in a vehicle is to improve fuel economy and engine functionality, control noise, and send fumes away from passengers. Any problems with this system will create issues with car performance. Be familiar with the signs that your vehicle needs a new exhaust to prevent these problems as quickly as possible.

Burning or Gas Smell

If you have an exhaust pipe that is damaged or leaking, gas fumes can begin to seep into the cabin of your vehicle. The heat from the pipes could also be burning wiring or plastic parts, producing an unpleasant smell. If you notice any of these scents, your exhaust is likely the culprit, and you’ll need to repair or replace this component.

Rattling or Popping Noise

As you accelerate your car and increase the RPMs, you might notice a rumbling, rattling, or popping noise. In most instances, this is due to an old or broken exhaust. If you hear any noises from your car while the engine is running, check the exhaust ports for burned paint or discoloration. If you notice these signs accompanied by the noise, your exhaust system is faulty.

Poor Fuel Efficiency

You now know that when your exhaust breaks, it can leak gas. If you’re noticing your gas mileage is decreasing and you’re visiting gas stations more frequently, it could be because high oxygen levels are forcing your vehicle to burn more fuel. See a mechanic as quickly as possible when your fuel economy oddly lowers.

Visual Inspection

A surefire way to check for signs that your vehicle needs a new exhaust is to inspect the pipes visually. Physically checking the exhaust itself will help you conclude whether it needs a good cleaning from excess rust or a complete replacement because of holes and leaks. You can use the above signs as clues, but you won’t know for sure if it’s the exhaust that’s causing issues if you don’t visually inspect it.

Don’t wait to bring your car in for work if you notice any of the above problems. If you wait too long, these issues will amplify. And if you do find that you need to replace the exhaust, ensure you understand what to consider when purchasing a new exhaust system to get the best performance from your car. Remember to use your senses when looking for signs; if you can smell and hear problems, check the exhaust first.